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    If you like to be remembered by the next generations what would you like to say or in mind.

    I want to be the best Anonymous Man that ever exited,like a Shadow,a floating mind.

    The Dream of the Daydreamer.Anonymous
    Beyond the Mind of the Daydreamer ?-Anonymous
    The Shadow of the Conqueror.Anonymous
    The Beauty of Insanity.Anony Not mous

    The Yellow Book.Not for Dummies but for Tennis Players.An Intrusion Comedy Mentral.

    The Most of all is that I am my Father's Daughter.No one comes to my Father except through me. Snippets from my Father's Legacy Yellow Book.
  2. I really don't concern myself with what my legacy will be, actually. I am simply one of 6 billion humans walking around on this earth so my passing will have little or no effect.

    As for my funeral arrangements, I will be cremated. My wish is that my ashes
    be flushed down a toilet to signify my disdain for having been forced to accept the so-called gift of life, a gift that I never wanted in the first place.
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