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What would your last meal be??

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If you knew it would be your last meal, what would you eat?
putting this here so it's a private forum for those who wish to question why!


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My grandmother's homemade lasagna and manicotti. Along with some meatballs, of course and, naturally, a whole lot of bread. The best part about being Italian? The food.


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i want my late Mums lamb roast,her home made green tomato pickles, fresh whipped cream and her home made lamingtons and /or apple sponge
since she's been gone 8 years I'll have to think of something else I'd like..
have to be something I don't have to cook and there'll be no washing dishes where I'm going! :)


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Steak and baked potato with lashings of sour cream and chives; onion rings, & with their mushrooms as a starter and I'd skip pudding & head to fav ice cream parlour for pudding. (all from my favourite restaurant) Might as well go all out.
Salivating already.
If Mum was still alive choices might be different!


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Lobster with lots of melted butter, bread with lots of butter, veggies with lots of butter, tomato juice with lots of salt, chips with lots of salt, and a hot fudge sundae with lots of sugar and calories, and then I would see if I was still hungry, and if so, have more fat, salt and calories


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nothing, there is no point
Now Poom,, lol.. I see a sense of humor coming out of you.. Don't know if you meant that to be funny, but you are kind of right..

However, if you was hungry, there would be a point.. Or just wanted to enjoy your last day on earth with life's simple little pleasures..


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Gosh- this is tough as I love food! Probably mexican food and then pumpkin cheesecake, a good chocolate cake or hot fudge sundae. Or a good burger, fries, shake and then some yummy dessert. I could go on and on! I'm not fat but the only thing I look forward to is eating.

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I don't know. Something expensive that I could never afford. Even though I've never liked the thought of what caviar is, I wouldn't mind tasting it just to fill my curiosity. I've always wondered what lamb tastes like, too.

Though, really, poom has a point. Last day, would be no point. Though, still wouldn't mind living that last day in luxury.
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