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Cant be arsed with anything anymore, fed up with being fucked about, mis led n wasting my time. been thinkin about tryin to end it again since august, havent felt as bad as this since my last attempt back in feb.


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I am sorry that you feel so badly.:sad: Is there any specific reason(s) for your feeling so bad? You can tell us your troubles - we're very good listeners and will reach out to you and hold you up when you feel tired and all alone. Please reach out to us - I care!:smile:




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its times like these, that we must stay strong, and we all get through them...

you are still here for a reason, and maybe God has a different plan for you, and he is waiting for you to open your heart to him...

I am always here for you, no matter what happens...

PM me, if you need to chat darling...

Your friend



Well im fed up of tryin to sort my life out and rebuild it over and over again jus for some stupid bitch to come along and fuck me, my feelings and my head up! i dont do anythin to deserve it but it still happens.

fed up with having to put up with all the bullshit that my family put me through. they seem to expect me to sort everything out, come up with solutions to all the problems at home, get things done and sort out the shit they keep gettin themselves into.

what pisses me off more is the fact that when ever i give a sensible solution to anything, they dont like it and come up with their own. straight away i tell em all the worst case sceniro's that will occur if they do what they plan (we jus end up in more shit basically) but they take no notice whats so ever and do it anyway believing that their way is right as always. not long after we're in more shit and of course im expected to come up with a solution to it all. im sick of offering help only for no-one to take any notice of anything that i say, whats the point in tryin to help? they dont listen to anything i say so why do they bother asking for my opinion or help in the first place? if they did we wouldnt constantly be in shit but hey, i guess its my fault at the end of the day for not being able to stop them from fucking things up more than they already are. i might have had more of a social life had i not bothered to try and help!

its pretty hard trying to lead some kinda life thats meant to be worth while (which seems to be spent pretty much at home playing computer games), go2 college and try and get an education, find work and deal with a bunch of idiots that seem hell bent on making sure that your life is a depressing life. i constantly complain about all the bullshit at home but nothing ever gets done.

when i came outta hospital last xmas i was told things would change, nothing has changed whats so ever jus another thing that happens alot, fed up of being told this and that only for nothing to ever happen. all this shit has been goin on for years and im sick of it and all the lies too!

im sick of the way my life is, anything i try n do to improve it aswell as everyone else's seems to be a complete waste of time, dunno why i bother?
cant be arsed with it anymore, give up with it all, i cant even be arsed to deal with xmas! im jus not gonna bother wasting my time with anything anymore. im tired and fed up with it all, the best xmas pressent in the world for me would be death, who knows santa might help me with that.

wow i had quite abit of pointless shit to say, still dont feel any better bout it.
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