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    New Year? Nonsense. Every single day is a new year (a year ago that day). For some reason, people have a fucked up concept of time, as if there is actually a new period we're entering simply because the last numbers on the calendar changes. There's no difference at all. Shit, on October 14th 2009, it was also a new year...as it was a year after October 13, 2008. Same shit.

    What a bunch of silliness. Now people make empty resolutions on this day or whatever....wow, how stupid is that. You don't have to wait until the last day of the year to resolve to improve -- that's something you could do any day. Stop giving fucking excuses and just fucking do it if you're going to, and it doesn't need to be the beginning or end of the year to say you're going to do it.

    Now enjoy this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUQX2B67KL4
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    Nicely put. People act like their entire lives are going to change in January. I live in the freezing cold of Illinois, so how is somebody possibly going to change for the better during January?? If anything, I renew myself in the spring.
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    Well, the OP has a point in that one really does not need to wait for the "New Year" to try and change something in their lives that they feel is important. But why the hostility? And why do you care so much what other people try and do to better themselves by attempting on that day?

    I know several people that have quit smoking on New Years. Why does it bother you so much, especially if they succeeded?
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    There is no hostility. I am speaking for myself and the people that I KNOW. I am not trying to make a blanket statement. The problem with this forum is that others are too quick to judge what other people are feeling by painting it as "hostility" rather than being annoyed or sad. Also, I could care less about others. If they quit smoking, great for them. I am trying to say that there is so much focus and pressure from all different sources (especially the media) to change with the new year. It is all very overwhelming because after the holidays, some might find it difficult to transition. Somebody has to change when it feels right for them not because society says we should make resolutions. For somebody like me, a new semester is going to start and it will still be freezing cold so I will have ZERO time to focus on myself, therefore change will most likely take place during the second half of the year. Cheers to you!
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    Also, so what if something is antisocial or on the verge of hostility? This should be a forum where people can express themselves without the fear of being judged. Sometimes anger goes along with depression too. It is not all about, "I am sad, please hug me and give me support."
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    Not speaking to you "stuck"! Was meant for the OP! (original poster) And yes, I'm afraid that using words such as "stupid" "fucking this" and "fucking that" came accross as hostile to me. But if you wish to speak for PB please feel free...no one is stopping your freedom of expression just as nobody is stopping my right to make the statement I chose! Nobody, including the media make demands on any individual to change anything about their lives on the first of every year. So what if they suggest it! You can make any changes you please in your life whenever the weather suits you. You act as if the media is speaking directly to you in an effort to get you to change some aspect of your life on the first of the year! Simply stating that something comes accross as hostile is hardly a "judgement" of any kind!
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    I guess there are people out there who make New Year's resolutions and keep them? I've never known any of those people. I've never bothered with stuff like resolutions because they're hardly ever kept anyway.

    I can see where you're coming from about New Year's, even though it's a holiday I enjoy and celebrate.