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Why has it gotta be the same shit all the time. I think MAYBE i can better then WHAM something hits me like a fucking truck! a fucking picture! why did i have to see that right then. I was having a laugh on skype while looking at some random pics and then wham a fucking sick picture like that right in front of me. A young girls life gone. If i was to talk about that picture in here in it would make a lot of people feel sick. Fucking hell, who knew it could trigger someone like that. People who post's shit like that should be fucking shoot, its SICK. Its seriously made me think 'whats the point'

There is no fucking point. There never was and never will be. The point of my life is to die and the sooner i make that happen the better. The better for me and the better for everyone around me. Seriously.
I dont know what happened last night in skype, i ws rebooting and when i cam back you had left. Whatever you saw and whatever happened does not mean you shoudl die too. I'm sorry that whatever you saw triggered you. Know that im here to listen and to try and help yah hun
Sorry Kells, just had to get out that convo cos i was about to burst into tears. Was a picture or a girl who had commited suicide in a very messy way :sad: Just really set me off :sad: That'll teach me to go to random sites.

Hopefully talk to ya later x
Hun, maybe you should see a doctor, maybe you could get meds to level you out a bit better. Could do worlds of good, I think. Just trying to help. I'm here if ya wanna talk. :) :hug:

Love ya loads and loads and lots and lots and jelly tots, opps. :tongue:

:hug: :cheekkiss
Have been thinking about going to see him again and get some mood stablisers or something :dry: But i'll have to sort out seeing him when i have a chance to :dry:
Viks, just want you to know that if you do ever cry on skype, no one will think you're an idiot or take the piss. It's not a big deal, honest :hug:
i agree, how many times have i cried on skype now...at least 2. So please if you feel like you are going to cry and you dont want to burst into tears with 4 other peoploe around, pm me and we can have a private convo to see if myself or someone else can help you.
Just felt stupid. You, Terry, Mal and Matt was having a laugh, didn't wanna bring that down. So i came out the call for a bit. I have cried on skype before but thats only ever been with one person in the call and if i ever needed to cry while in a conference i go on hold, but couldn't. Thinking about it now i could of went on mute for a bit :dry:
There's no need to worry about it viks, things like this happen, just do know that I am always willing to put a call on hold to help yah out. After all you've helped me out before. :) Stay safe hun


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Viks u wally, why u think I muted my mic for a bit..seems we had the weeps under all that laughter.:sad:
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