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just dont care

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well let me start this off saying that i am pretty drunk right now lol. i am probably gonna end my life pretty soon i got a lie detector test for a job. they had me fill out a packet with a bunch of questions on it and i know at least one of them i lied about and they are gonna ask me this question on the polygraph test and i have to stick with my answer or else it will look bad and then they will find out i lied and i will fail it anyways so either way i am screwed cause my parents tell me that this is the last straw that if i dont get this job i am gonna get kicked out of the house cause they are sick of me already and that if i try going to any reletives house that they will kick me outta there as well. well i belive them cause my dad is the authority on both sides of the family whatever he says goes so i am gonna end up as a bum on the street for a while cause i will have no where to go and i got no friends house to go to cause i dont really got any lol well i got a snowboarding trip i saved up money to go on i will probably wait untill after that trip to do it cause snowboarding is fun but anyways my life sucks there is too much to explain how much it sucks and that i hate how my life is going and how much of a pathetic loser i really am and that even if i dont end my life now i will spend it alone anyways so i might as well end it now cause there is no point in waiting much longer i dont know if i will post again but just in case bye everyone!


Polygraph tests are hocus pocus. They fail to beat chance, and as a result are inadmissible in court. I think it's deplorable and rediculous that they would use that crap. The best estimates on polygraph accuracy seem to be around 70-90% (more likely 50%) but even at the best accuracy rates it'll be wrong 10-30% of the time... so how many questions do they have for you? It's just a scare tactic, don't give yourself up over it.


"In fact, the NAS extrapolated that 10,000 polygraph tests searching for spies would incorrectly classify 99.5% of “deceptive” results (those telling the truth yet incorrectly deemed to be deceitful), and incorrectly classify 20% of deceitful subjects."

"The test is passed if the physiological responses during the probable-lie control questions (C) are larger than those during the relevant questions (R). If this is not the case, the tester attempts to elicit admissions during a post-test interview ("Your situation will only get worse if we don't clear this up")."


Admit nothing man. Nothing.


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i feel for ya. i am in the same boat and am sick of it all. you have here that want to talk to you. i know it isn't the same as having somwonw actually there but it helps. snowboarding huh. i have never done that but know plenty of people that have done it. hang in there and take care.


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Guys, don't want to put the cat among the pigeons here, or upset anyone but would getting a job be so bad?!

I get the feeling that any kind of job would get your parents off your back at the moment. I'm a parent and at some point we do expect our kids to start standing on their own two feet and part of that is work.

I'm really not having a go at you. My son doesn't work..doesn't do much of anything actually and doesn't see his way of life as a problem.
I feel crushed with the responsibility of trying to keep both of us financially and distraught at the lack of life that he has. Worn out with trying to get him to see that he has a problem and sometimes just darned angry.

I would never throw him out to sink or swim, but then I'm a softie, but I do wish he would get his life together and cut me some slack.

just dont care

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Its not that i dont want a job its just that i cant get a job no place will hire me i have tried everywhere this new job was setup because of my mom she pulled some serious favors to get me it all i have to do is pass the drug, polygrah test, and psyh test. i am just worried about the polygraph test cause if i fail that i wont get the job and this the last chance my parents are giving me.


"Several countermeasures designed to pass polygraph tests have been described, the most important of which is never to make any damaging admissions. Additionally, several techniques can be used to increase the physiological response during control questions. In an interview, Ames was asked how he passed the polygraph test. His response was that when told he was to be polygraphed he asked his Soviet handlers what to do, and was quite surprised that their advice was simply to relax when being asked questions, which he did."

Dude, stop stressing about the polygraph, listen to what I'm saying, I'm not making this up - polygraph's are bull. You are stressing over one question out of many when the test is not reliable enough... maybe if you were lying about 20 things you might have some cause for concern but the test is just not reliable enough and they know that.. they're only using it because it gets people to confess because they believe it works. If the test can't catch spies than what makes you think it's gonna catch you over a SINGLE QUESTION? Follow my link to wikipedia and see what experts have to say. All they're gonna prove is that you're one of the 20% of people who falsly fail, just don't admit anything and try to stay calm, you have nothing to lose by doing that but if you confess they won't need their unreliable pseudoscience to bust you, got it?

"However, if the subject exhibits anxiety for other reasons, or can control his anxiety level voluntarily, a measured response can result in unreliable conclusions."

They know that you know the difference between the control questions and the relevant questions, so you get a spike on the graph over an obvious relevant question, big deal. Keep your head on strait and hope they're smart enough to know the test is unreliable.
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