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  1. faeriegirl

    faeriegirl Active Member

    I tried to hang myself last night, but it hurt too much. Then I tried to take a bunch of pills, but DH was wise to me and tried to grab them out of my hand. It was quite a struggle. Our dog got scared and bit me. That is what finally made me open my hand. I wish I wouldnt have wussed out. I havent been to work in 2 days. Im probably going to get fired. I am so tired.....so very tired.
  2. Beattles

    Beattles Well-Known Member

    if it doth make thy feel better, <mod edit: bunny - methods> it didnt work. im sorry you feel pretty shitty, i suppose you have a good enough reason to do your bit. but try not to do it again okay
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  3. im so sorry you felt so bad that you attempted , very glad you survived though.. maybe post on here and tell people whats going on for you at the moment? it might help to talk and get it all out in the open.. please take care and stay safe. sarah x
  4. Ogre101

    Ogre101 Member

    Faeriegirl glad your still with us :)

    Hanging is extremely painful as can taking an OD if the dose or type of meds is wrong. I'm glad your dog bit you. He just saved your life.

    Hang in there hun.
  5. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    I'm glad that you didn't do it faeriegirl. Killing yourself solves nothing. Please talk to us about why you're feeling so down.

    LILICHIPIE Well-Known Member

    I tried to hang myself 2months ago as well and almost pass away. what made me take away the scarf? my fathers face as he was mostly the one who would have discovered me if I had gone all the way..cant do that to him.

    I had to wear for 2 months sweaters or scarves around my neck and believe me thats likely uncommon to wear this kind of stuff in spain, end of summer..I looked dumb and crap lol

    I will likely try that again when im sure no one from my family will discover me.
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