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  1. morning rush

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    you know what? that's it, I've had enough...life is not worth living...its all bullshit and no one gives a fuck anymore...so why should I? all the good people get always the raw and crappy deal...

    why do people always side with the abusers? aww its not his/her fault, he/she didn't mean it that way... they can't all be bad...

    and the abused get the harsh treatment, it's your fault, you're the one who should have known better, why don't you give him/her the chance...you misunderstood him/her...

    fuck you! FUCK YOU!

    we never win...we're always the bad one...no matter how good we are, and what abused we got..
  2. Sadeyes

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    Hi..did something happen to hurt you? I think it does sometimes feel the way you stated, but I also find some truly good people who care and are honestly interested...please share with us what is going on..J
  3. total eclipse

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    i am sorry you have been hurt by peoples words and actions I hope you know i believe you and would never judge you or doubt your word. These people have no right to do so either judge you. Stay away from them okay don't even talk to them You look after you and know your friends are here for you:hugtackles::hugtackles:
  4. KittyGirl

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    I guess people don't want to accept that 'they'-in general- as people- are rotten. People are bastards down at the core; it takes alot of fight to struggle against our natures to be selfish. Some people are weak and don't bother trying to not be selfish but there will always be people who believe in them because they think that they aren't bad-themselves; and think that with work, everyone can be good.

    but they can't.
    people are shits.
  5. ansdr

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    I can see how that might make you feel. But Bullies, Criminals, and people considered wrong doers all have a story. When I was in high school there was this drug dealing kid who opened up and told me his father used to force him to make crack and would often beat him and he would cry. He lived in the projects, sure he could call the cops. But life is so dangerous out there. I think alot of people considered criminals come from a broken home. I don't think that pure evil exist. Yes, I think abusers and abused should give eachother the chance to forgive and help one another. Focusing on the idea of good v.s bad, and good v.s evil is the wrong way to go. It's just like the war was long ago when people would be forced to become soldiers, both sides fighting with no choice. I don't think anyone on this world is scum. I know nothing about their lives and i'm sure there is a reason why they are the way that they are. Hopefully one day, with a better economy, and safer living conditions, the world will be more empathetic of one another.
  6. morning rush

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    look, I come from a broken home, I was abused and so you know what, we all make choices and we got to take responsibility for what we do, can't go on saying, Oh its not my fault, its because of this....that doesn't fly with me...the blame goes on the person who committed the crime...everybody's got problems, but not everyone goes on hurting others...evil has nothing to do here...there's no good vs bad, only action and reaction...you got to pay for the bad things you...try telling this to a rape victim...oh poor rapist, he's had so much in his life blah blah blah...rape victim also had lots in her life, she didn't go on a raping spree...
  7. ansdr

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    But not everyone has the same choices, or the same ammount of choices. I don't mean to be rude, if you were hurt by someone, I can't imagine you feeling sorry for them. But not everyone has as much choice as the next person. A rich man and a poor man can be given the exact same problem, but they don't have the same choices on how they can deal with that. So I can't judge the poor man for doing something the rich man wouldn't, the rich man doesn't have to do that. And it's imposible for the poor man to do what the rich man can do, how can I get mad at him for doing the best he can. It's all about options, if someone has more options to solve a problem, I doubt they will pick one that will hurt someone else.

    Now, in all of this I am not giving people excuses to go around hurting others just because they had a hard life. What i'm saying is, Stealing is a crime, but there is a difference between a man who steals to be greedy, and a man who steals because he has to feed his family.
  8. Tiredofitall

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    That's the ass backward society we live in. Keep in mind it's not your fault. People are just that way. Ignore those dumb asses.

    Sounds like you know better and you're just frustrated. Lot of that going around. Be true to yourself and to what's right. You'll never have to apologize for that.