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(Note: writting this on my phone so yea...) well, saw the nutriionist.. Basically told me they cant do anything till i figure out my endocrine problems and said they were concerned about my bones n stuff cuz the endocrinologyst said i prob had PCOS or poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. And told me not tto smoke and eat more often. Well.. Kinda hard to do on a tight budget. And yea.. I kinda have decided to say "fuck itt!" what is nthe point? When i ws 11 my bones were as old as 19yr old. The only treatment for PCOS hey have gives me migraines constaintly and only increses my suicidality! So FUCK IT!! Im just gona do what i can to have best life i can. Dont give a shit no more about all tthe crap they want me to do. Oh well.. :/ so i guess thats my rant on that. Gota go get some crap n be back home later. FML..


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I'm surprised they answered like that, but then again the "I don't want to be liable" answers they give are asinine.

Can you do the old fashion nutrition plan?

Dinner: Meat (not fried), Vegetables (frozen are good variety without a lot of prep), and a basic starch such as potatoes or rice (1/3 cup serving).

Lunch : Sandwich and milk.

Breakfast: Cereal with milk, or a cooked breakfast.

Snacks: Fruit.

Limit soda pop because the phosphorous content is hard on bones.

I will be having a bone density test in May to see if I have osteoporosis because my arm bone splintered when I broke it.

I hope you feel better.


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Thanks.. Just.. I don't know anymore.. I just am tired of it.. They can't answer my endocrine issues, they can't figure nothing out.. Just sick of this.. I'm a big question mark!! And I just want to tell the world I hate it!! I just don't know what to do anymore.. Too much shit happening / has happened.. It it don't seem to be getting much better.. Ugh.. All feels so useless.. Yet part of me still has hope.. Of what I don't know.. Maybe just the hope that one day I can make a difference.. But really.. I have no idea.. :(

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aahhhh you know what go get another specialist another opinion if they don't have the answers someone out there does Just follow food guide best you can do some research online for diet but if you can go to a new specialist okay hugs
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