whats a good drug

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by HawthornePassage, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. HawthornePassage

    HawthornePassage Well-Known Member

    that's not majorly addicting/life-fucking that will just make me numbish and happy without impaired thinking and able to escape the existential despair I am always consumed by. if you want details of who i am you can dig thru some of my past topics. kratom is okay but it more just gives me energy doesnt do the job. ativan seems to help some, would klonopin stop all this stupid existential related anxiety too?

    dont say weed cause that shit just made me get more aware of myself and go "oh things suck, thanks for helping me notice more"
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

  3. HawthornePassage

    HawthornePassage Well-Known Member

    its less addictive than ativan though right

    i dont mind if something is addictive since i feel like im about to kick the bucket anyway just as long as its not horribly life fucking and addicting to the level of heroin or something

    i tried valerian when i was younger i could try it now but at a much higher dosage
  4. Firelord

    Firelord Active Member

    Working out releases certain chemicals in some people that makes it seem like they're getting high.. or at least I heard. Never worked on me that much, though I always preferred outdoor activities to working in a gym.

    Maybe try something that gets your heart racing, like reading scary stories? Reddit.com has a great collection of them, as does theshadowlands.net under their ghost section.
  5. HawthornePassage

    HawthornePassage Well-Known Member

    I used to work out like crazy but busted my shoulders; I have zero energy or motivation to do any more exercise most of the time. My issues are primarily existential, not just 'depression' or something so I really need to 'forget' things. Exercise doesnt really help me forget existential issues. I'm not very emotionally movable most of the time. Also have problems with going outside when air quality is bad, horrible asthma, horrible allergies, etc. I really just need a substance.
  6. Tom91

    Tom91 Member

    To make you feel that way, any opiate. But we all know the addiction and tolerance that inevitably comes with those.
  7. HawthornePassage

    HawthornePassage Well-Known Member

    I used to take opiates sometimes but they didn't really help that much =/

    I got addicted to poppy tea mildly for awhile and got off it. I successfully kept the doses and tolerance low for quite awhile but got tired of the crap.
  8. VALIS

    VALIS Well-Known Member

    Existential issues and existential conflicts are equivalent (~) to situational problems--> Thus, your issues are not related to brain chemistry-->Thus, you do not need a chemical solution to them.

    I prescribe getting involved in an activity such as hard-core community service with the homeless, a suicide hotline, mentally disabled children or some other similar, extremely demading and emotionally taxing project. this ought to help take you out of your existential crisis or at least see it in a new light.
  9. me myself and i

    me myself and i Account Closed

    Agreed, giving is taking.
  10. HawthornePassage

    HawthornePassage Well-Known Member

    i already did that a lot in many ways and i gain nothing from it because my perspective is 1000930492034234 light years out

    the cause of this is not chemical (and neither is the CAUSE for other people most of the time) but i just need something to blot it out regardless...the brain is a chemical machine, it can be messed with
  11. Craig

    Craig Banned Member

    I dont think substances are the right answer for you..
  12. kote

    kote Account Closed

    adrenalin after a really good work out.
    it makes you high and feel all round good.

    ive tried all the legals and illegals. adrenalin and fun is best of all. for all the good and the bad compaired.
  13. HawthornePassage

    HawthornePassage Well-Known Member

    also opiate shit fucked with my asthma which was a major negative. i constantly have trouble breathing which is majorly frustrating and opiates don't help....
  14. smellsliketeenspirit

    smellsliketeenspirit Active Member

    The times i feel like escaping the existensial meaningless uncomprehendable void, ill just go old-school and blaze my bong out, untill im as stoned as possible lol. It makes you lazy, and you cant O.D.

    Of course, im not saying this is a solution to anything, but its probably one of the safer drugs, if you want to get high anyway

    EDIT: Just saw that you had asthma, wich kindoff makes this post useless lol
  15. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    I partake at parties. But I'd sooner just eat it or have some good cook create something with it.

    Sure - you cannot overdose - that's the truth! All other drugs - alcohol, speed, E, pharmaceutical meds (dozens which get you high) and of course - cocaine, the drug of choice for - a lot of people - but for me? lol - coke is amateur hour stuff - its the safe option - the sort of drug even boring people will get addicted to!

    I guess I'd like to just go to the Amazon and take whatever they took - I seen some documentary in which the person talking actually had some pipe put up his nose (3 foot long easily) and the natives - took some powder (not coke!) and blew it up through the pipe into the nose!!!!

    Boy - it made his eyes water.

    He saw all kinds of spirits, ghosts, God and truths.

    Anyhow - each to their own.

    Be careful though - too much weed is not a good thing.

    Sometimes! :cazza: :tongue:
  16. HawthornePassage

    HawthornePassage Well-Known Member

    poppy tea feels alright but it sucks when it wears off

    maybe ill try weed again some day
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