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What's bugging you at the moment?

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i cant for the life of me - think of an avatar that reflects how i feel
I looked through all of the TinkerLoop avatars available on this site, along with lots of Google Images. Good luck finding one that you like. You're not the only one that has trouble thinking of an avatar. =)
So where's the moderator? Six hours to approve a post ? What's that all about,you may as well just ban people for two weeks coz it's just a constant wind up waiting half a day to reply to someone

Mr Stewart

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Not having a set of laundry machines in my apartment. I have to use the landlord's, and they leave their door open for me on Mondays and Tuesdays so I can come in and use their's. But sometimes they're home on those days, like today, and I don't want to go over there if it means I have to talk to them.
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