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What's going on with me?

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Okay, so this guy at work who I've liked for ages asks me out - tomorrow, he said he'd take me to the Trafford Centre ( a big shopping complex, for those who don't know )... and I keep swinging from 'omg I really don't want to go' to 'I think it might be really fun'

He's the first guy who's asked me out in... forever.

Am I just nervous, or is it something else?

... I don't get it and it's bugging the hell out of me. I keep thinking about telling him I don't feel well and can't go, and the next second I'm thinking why would I want to do that.

Agh! What the hell??!!


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Fear sure does make us seem quite split...we want to seek something, and yet, we want to hold ourselves back, keeping us in our cocoon...if there is nothing you sense about 'him' that would make you hesitant to see him, then what you have reported has happened to all of us when we try to get started doing something new...scared we won't be liked, scared we will fall short, and scared that we will not know what to do...been there many times...i hope you go and have a good time, stay safe and please remember, you bring alot to the relationship...big hugs
I think you're just nervous hun :hug: That happened to me with this guy...I still think he's insane :laugh:
Anyway. I went...and I was glad I had done. I know now I would have been mad with myself if I'd chickened out...
Do whatever you feel is right, hun, but don't back away just because you're scared :hug:
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