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whats going to happen next

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my daughter tried to kill herself by hanging..I found her hanging in our basement on feb 16 07.She is a twin,and only 15yrs..I freaked out tried to get her down, couldn't so i called 911..Her face was purple and her tongue was hanging out.I will never get my daughters face out of my mind..I grabbed a knife and was going to cut her down but she was hanging by a thick extension cord..I tried again,she was just to heavey..so i collasped and cried, i thought what am i going to do, my baby is hanging there.I told myself i cannot bury her or creamate her...So i tried with all my might some how i got her down.I tried giving her chest compressions.Them just started crying,i felt so helpless for my little girl..I just really wanted her back..The whole time asking her why...The medic's came.I just sat on my stairs crying.Then I heard we have a pulse..I went with her to the hospital..They stabilzed her and air vac her to the city..She has been in a coma now ever since.They say she is going to have brain damage..I want to know if anyone has anything postive to say..Anyone going through what i have...
i am 15
and a daughter
and all i can say is that i am so so so sorry and i think that your daughter was just in a lot of pain and didnt mean to hurt you. i am here if you need or want to talk to someone. :hug:


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im sos so sorry to hear your stroy.You were so brave to post.im sorry i have never been through anything even remotely like what your going through now but im here for you and i really feel for you,hear your pain and fear for the future in your post.And i just want to say welcome to SF - there are some really fantastic people here.And i hope you can find some friendship,help and support here to help you through what you are going through right now.im sure you will.Please update us on how your daughter and you are doing reguarly and feel free to PM [private message] me anytime too.im sorry for your sitaution but glad your daughter is still with us.i think you were so brave to post.Well done.i really feel for you.i'll shut up now!!!!

Take care adn best wishes for now
I've only just seen this thread, and I echo corral, how is your daughter doing now? I don't know what I can say to help, it must have been, and still is, a traumatic thing to go through. I sincerely hope your daughter will be ok without any lasting brain damage and if at anytime you want to talk or just to vent then we're here for you. :hug:


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In answer to your question, what's going to happen next, I would say that's up to you. What are your options? You need to think carefully about what you can and what you should do. You obviously love your daughter very much, and I'm sure the rest of your family does too. So be sure to talk to your family about how you feel and what your concerns are.

I'm really not qualified to counsel a grieving parent. I can tell you what my mom did after my attempts, which was visit me at the hospital and get the family together for my support. Of course, I wasn't in a coma, so it's a lot different for you.
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