Whats happening to me?

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    Well you obviously don't know me any of you but this gay guy I used to know said I wasn't a manly man, I'm the kind of guy who you would see in Starbucks reading a book, the kinda guy who buys roses and is the generic romantic type. And to be honest he isnt a million miles off, I prefer to be emotionally connected more than anything, Which according to my 'manly' friends, is a bit 'gay'. So here where my problem is I have only been in love once and she crushed me. But i still had many relationships after that but never fell in love. So why is it that I go out with my friends and meet this stranger, who is the generic woman who goes out down the clubs every night who looks like she is a bit of a slag. But anywho I get talking to her and I was just smitten after that. Not my type of woman but I had no control over it and I know that it is going to come and bite me in the backside now, as I'm usually so careful.
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    well love works in many ways hun and they say opposites do attract You may just enjoy someone different for a change someone outside that box your use to.
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    Maybe if you allow yourself to get close, you'll find out that you two are perfect together. Don't be afraid to reach out.