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Whats in a Word

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I think words like "fat" or "ugly" or just negative descriptors to put people down should be banned. Words can really hurt, no matter what anyone says.
I agree with this so much!! Being Asian, my friends throw the word "fat" around all the time and it's really offensive to me!! It hurts feelings all around and is just inconsiderate. They don't mean it in a hurtful way though, to them it's girltalk, but I'd had such a hard time stomping it out, but I've noticed they're much less likely to call another girlfriend fat now, at least in front of me.


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I agree with all the words everyone has put. Also, can't remember if anyone put "hate" already or not but I'd be fine if that word was banned as well.
I feel most strongly about the words ugly and fat being banned though. Anyone who has ever known the pain of being called either of those things would most likely feel the same way I think.


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Didn't realize cuckold would cause a storm.. sorry.

fugly.. i hate that word.

also.. Arod. The abbreviated nickname should be banned forever, anathema to all those with worth and honor.. if the name is repeated at all it should be said as hatefully as benedict arnold.


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This bugs me too. We've got a guy at work -- an old man, actually -- who is LRod and it gets on my nerves too. High five, @crumbum

And As for the cucks "causing a storm" it's all coversation, right? Anything that keeps things moving along. Besides, some people learned something new this week. Good job.


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The English language is such a hotchpotch of other languages, its unreal. I really dislike Infant. Child, baby, toddler, tot, whatever, but infant, no no and no. In-fant, it just says nothing, means nothing. What the hell is a fant? Nope, kick it into room 101 and let it rot.


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preggy.. really any 'abbreviated' word with the same amount of syllables as the actual word just seems really childish and lazy to me.


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Stupid is a word I don't like (people who say stupid are stupid) o_O

And this word just bothers me some reason: Button
I don't know what it is but I've never liked the sound of this word, especially when it's used in the phrase "cute as a button," ick.


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@crumbum I was so distracted by your Word Crimes post that didn't even see your reference to Stupid Button. :confused:
(I've never heard of anyone else who even knows that song. I love it even more than the original song it parodies.)
Totally missed the joke. I feel like a Dumb Snap.:D


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It's a "Sundified" version of a Stupid Button. Who knows maybe it'll become a thing. Some new slang that the kids'll be saying over the intraweb. And we'll know it's origin, that came from a humble gal, that no one knows. Only we'll know, cause we're cool. :cool:


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"Starving". Massively overused and out of context (including by me, "I'm starving"); and it really shouldn't exist in this day and age. Whatever happened to people being able to forage and work for their own food? If it isn't sold by Tescos or handed out in aid packages, some people don't eat; WTF?

Come the revolution I'll be right at the front :mad:
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