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What's the best and non horrifying way to end life

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What's the best way to die.I m very sick of my life. I don't have the motivation to continue with my life. I really wish that my dad didn't save me when I was A fetus in my mother's womb so that she can successfully kill me. If I died at that point of time than my dad wont have tO die tragically. And I wont have to suffer so many defect and problem on myself.I m a moving target for bullies. I guess I m prone to be a loser . I m sure even god dislike me so much . I wish my country didn't control sleeping pills if not I gona sallow til my stomach full of it

When I am infront of the ancestor tablet I don't even have the face to look. I am born such a failure I should have died ahead of him.
I am not trying to be a smart butt.....butt there are many like yourself including me that would like to know the answer to your question.....I have been thinking and I have ideas.......but I want a 100% sure-fire method to get "it" done. I know how you feel.


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We often cannot motivate ourselves - we all need a push at time - help - someone to encourage us or discourage us if we are not heading up the right path!

As for the best way to die - I'm afraid this forum could never allow anyone to publish methods - after all people come here depressed - and depression is a phase - its not your life!!!!

So advising someone to die - it will never happen here.

The best way to die is to be old - maybe die aged 109 of a heart attack and be in the local paper or something. Hero for a day? lol - maybe not!

I'm sorry for your loss of your father. I know how hard that can be and I sympathise there.

but your dad - was he nice? Would he want you to feel this pain right now and to focus on dying?

You will see him one day I'm sure- but it has to be a long way away. Life goes so fast that it does not matter if you die now or wait till you are 90. Time is the same - he is there always - and this life is just a one off - it never happens again - and we must try so very hard to make it. We owe it to loved ones - you owe it to your poor dad.

I'm curious as to what the ancestral tablet is?

But feel no shame - depression is an illness so would you feel guilt for having a cold?

Hope you can see some sense here in what I say.

Your young and things do change!!!!!

For the better I mean!

Good luck sadlife and enigma - I hope you can try to see that life is hard but preferable to death.

Things wait for you both which will make you happy.
Ancestral Tablet is Chinese religious believe that the soul exists in three places in the ancestral tablet, in the grave/urn and in the future world, where it is judged for either heaven or hell

Ancestral Tablet is a piece of wood marked with the ancestor's name and the dates during which they lived.Living family members light incense in front of the tablets. Offerings are made to the ancestors

i m trying so hard to help myself but no one around is lending me a hand in fact they are stepping on me.

i have more than one illness not just depression only

but really i m trying to keep myself busy so that i won't stone or emo so much
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yea, keeping yourself buzy is probably a good way.

haiz, i feel the same way abt the Ancestral Tablet. chinese too. im letting down my family but then again no one really cares. well that's my situation.

sad to hear ur dad gone. you shouldn't think that ur death may replace/save ur dad. i can tell he loves u alot and he wouldn't wanna u die in his place.

stay strong.


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We won't discuss methods here, because SF is a pro-life site. I hope you'll post and talk to us about what you're going through. Here if you need to talk!


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I hate to say it, but the truth is, there isn't any method that is painless and foolproof. Every method has trauma attached to it – some more than others, because death is hard for the human body – it's a traumatic experience, physically and emotionally. No matter if you want it or not. Not only that, any method can fail. Even the most extreme methods – like shooting – ends in failure more often than it succeeds. and you are likely to end up worse off than you were in the beginning – brain-damaged, paralyzed, with your kidneys damaged. That of course is the risk. Your life could be worse than it is now. That is what keeps me from doing it sometimes. Other times I don't care – I just want to die, and I don't even think of it not working. But it's important to keep in mind that nothing is foolproof – and there is no easy way.

I'm glad you're here. I'm new to the forum and I found that the people here are really nice. I've gotten a lot of support here over the past few days. I hope you keep posting. Please hang in there.
i'll list my problems here


i really don't know should i hate my mum or not cause

1) she is too obsess with her religon
2) doesn't think before she speaks
3) she doesn't even see my point of view of things
4) we do talk but not so much and i get shut down easily when she change the topic to her religion

i told her before you cant compare the amount of time people go to church every week

people is rich enough to hire maids to do housework you don't.some people here don't go to church every week due to the living standard here . i did give her chance i went with her to church a few weeks and i felt that the time isn't right i couldn't see improvement in her


1) my looks is a fail
2) my height is a fail
3) my financial is a fail
4) loner( i tryed to be social but didnt work out with people )
5) academics has problem ( try asking tcher but it didnt work out well either )
6) i am confuse with my gender
7) depression ( that why i am here xP [ trying hard to keep myself cheerful ] )

i tryed so hard and tell myself to focus and try to improve to pass a diploma and head on for a degree to at least fufill one of my dad's wishes but i m already struggling here in diploma. i have weak fire of hope in myself.

people see me having a new shoes and they purposely step it til dirty.

as for my gender confusion i am about 90% unhappy with my gender but i am sure no one will support me either in terms of family tree and friends ( not to mention my dad wouldnt forgive me in his grave )

Additional Info


1) Filial
2) hardworking works Overtime just to support family
3) good qualities of being a dad

up til now i cant be believe my dad gone in 1 day just like that. the feeling is like i lost half of my body.

Family Tree's Bad Blood

i have a uncle(dad side) who is well off cause he is richer and his children all degree graduates always look down on us ( my dad & i )

My dad and my uncle share to hire maid to take care of my grandparents once my gramps pass away. my uncle withdraw from hiring maid to take care of my granny.

which made my dad to work night shift which lead my dad to tragically death.After my dad's tragically death my uncle stop visiting my granny and giving her allowance.

i am the only 1 from the third generation knows this disgusting story.

I am sorry that i have ton's on problem in me
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to die of old age is the best senario and prob the way we meant too i m not being a smartarse yes myself have asked the questions you have and have been dealt a bad suit of life cards yet we can pick ourselfs up again and the first thng is too stop putting yaself down you say ya got bullies and ya dont like how they treat ya well ya prob kicking your own arse worse.Dont get me wrong know where your at and yes ive lost both me parents been stabbed in the bck and etc but hey just started finding myself and yes have had too take a good hard look but i wouldnt even put my worst enemy down like i was doing to myself tht is where it starts fck dying only here once please take CARE
even my god sis has given up on me.
i guess people this days around me don't have the time and patience to let me slowly recover myself

i knew everything is over when my dad left me
i m destine to be a loner forever

oh great even my mum called me an asshole via text so i don't whether she meant it or not
when i win money i gave her some
when i lose money i din't even claim from her
i spend my own savings most of the time
school days is go tight i can barely find the time to replenish my savings
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