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What's the chances of this?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Fdt, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Fdt

    Fdt Well-Known Member

    Before anyone points it out, I know I'm an idiot, and deserve all the suffering I may get. Anyway:

    I've been with my girlfriend for 2 months, I'm 18, she's 15, neither of us had had sex before. We both wanted to wait until she's at least 16 (age of consent here) and till we're both more settled.

    The other night however, we were cuddling in bed, and I had an erection since we were both kinda horny, she then gave me a blowjob until I came in her mouth, she swallowed and there was no cum left anywhere.

    A couple of minutes later, after I'd regained my erection, she straddled me, then grabbed my dick. She said "I just want to try it a bit", I thought when she said that, she was gunna brush her pussy against my cock or something, but to my surprise, she slipped straight down on me, and my cock slid all the way in. As soon as it went all the way in, she stood up and withdrew my cock from her because of her experiencing a sharp pain due to her first penetration.

    4 days later, her period hasn't come on time (it hasn't in 4 months though) and she is feeling quite sick and achy, especially on her breasts (though she has mastitis), she also has had some heartburn.

    Although all of these things happen to her sometimes, it's really worrying that they're all happening now, and may suggest she's pregnant.

    My question is, how high are the chances of her being pregnant off just one entrance of my penis into her vagina, considering I'd already cum shortly before, and had it all cleaned up? And is it possible the symptoms she's showing is down to her being on her period / already being slightly ill?

    Opinions and your experiences would be most appreciated.
  2. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    Well, there's *always* the possibility; no matter how much you 'clean up' before putting it in- that some lil' guys will make their way in there and if she's super fertile, she might just get pregnant.

    In my own experience, no. That's never happened.
    At the age of 15, my period was all over the place and I had constant growing pains. Sometimes, my period would be 2 or 3 weeks late. That's just what happens when you're going through puberty. To be a few days late is normal for many, many girls.
    Ask her if she's ever had a late period before-- get her to think about that. If she has, then she might just be overreacting and making herself stressed. Higher stress levels can also cause late periods.

    You two are both experiencing raging hormones.
    The best thing you could've done if you wanted to wait-- is keep your personal space to yourself. Especially if you're feeling in the mood (which you WILL because you are teenagers... and most teens feel like that all the time. -__-)
    Not to nag you or anything, because you obviously realize now that you fucked up.

    Things are probably still fine.
    You're both probably thinking the worst *because* you slipped up and feel guilty.
    If she is more than a week late, you should think of going to the drugstore to get a test for her < to spare her the embarrassment of doing it herself, at such a young age. While you're there, get some condoms too.
  3. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    The semen remains in your urethra in good condition unless you pee it out. A tiny bit of pre-ejaculate could carry some of it out and cause pregnancy.
  4. Fdt

    Fdt Well-Known Member

    Thanks, the thing is, because of the such minimal contact we had, any risk never crossed my mind until today. My gf was talking to her friend who was worrying about pregnancy symptoms, she sent a link of them to my gf, and I guess she just shit herself because she was matching them.

    But yes, she has had late periods before, her cycle is all over the place and unpredictable.

    The most worrying thing for me, along with other things, is the stigma attachted with impregnating a younger girl, which isn't reflective at all of what happened. No one is going to believe that this is our only "sex", even less are they going to believe that despite me declining sex multiple times from her, it was still her that initiated it. All irrelevences in the grand scheme, but I've had 1 hour of sleep tonight, and in that I've seen me kill myself 3 times. I haven't been suicidal for ages, but I have little doubt that if she IS pregnant, I'll kill myself before anyone has a chance to convince me to do otherwise.

    - And yes, I now have a packet of condoms in my drawer, not that I'll have any use for them if 1) I kill myself, 2) I'm now so disgusted and put off by the thought of sex.
  5. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    Abortion is legal in the vast majority of countries and needn't be a huge deal. Sex with a younger girl might not be, but I doubt they'd prosecute without her cooperation. Shit happens and it doesn't have to be the end of the world - I had a pregnancy scare just this week myself following unprotected sex, though it turned out alright (we were careful, there was no ejaculation associated whatsoever... but rational thought doesn't enter into it when your girlfriend thinks she might be late.)
  6. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    I get "pregnancy symptoms" during my period every single month.
    They are pretty vague. Any woman who feels a bit woozy at any time could match those symptoms.

    You really need to step back and try to relax. Working yourself up will just seem stupid if she ends up getting her period in a couple of days.
    Deal with it as it comes.
    Freaking out about it now will just make things worse.

    Being with my boyfriend for 8 years; the last 3 years of our relationship (like total idiots) we never used protection. I had my share of 'pregnancy scares' and my doctor told me that stress and guilt for doing something stupid (having sex without protection - not being ready or wanting a baby just yet) were what was giving me the 'symptoms' I thought I was having.
    The best thing that she can do is just forget about it. Try not to panic and wait.
    If; by the small chance, she is actually pregnant- she can decide what to do *then*


    also... the risk does not cross your mind while you're in the act. It never will.
    It's all hindsight. Always.
  7. Fdt

    Fdt Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to thank people for the replies so far. I saw my gf this morning, she was feeling a lot better, she had a bit of a headache early in the morning, but the tenderness from her breasts and body had gone, and she didn't have a sore stomach either. So slightly positive news, still no period though.

    I spoke about how it was all making me feel, and about my suicidal thoughts and dreams, and how I most fear losing the trust of mine and her parents. She was extremely reassuring and mature about it. If she is pregnant, she said she'd want to hide it from her parents, and hopefully undergo the abortion and have it all out of the way without them finding out.

    Am just trying to stay positive for now.