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Whats the Feeling, the Word

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Think of a thing or a moment. It was beautiful. Maybe perfect. It was peace. It was everything and nothing. Now fast forward 10 years. Now that thing or moment is gone. Nobody talks about it anymore. You hardly ever think about it. When you do or you go back to that place, it happens all over again. Then years later your mind comes across it again. This time you get a feeling of loss. One moment, one thing, over and over. Then discarded. People too. And it seemed so important. Gone. Just like we will be. I don't know what the feeling or word for this is. It's just an empty feeling inside me. No words come out. I look forward towards the future and the moments look the same to me. Just one moment, one thing, over and over. None of them can mean very much because they're just as easily forgotten or removed by time. It makes me feel like a cardboard cutout. I don't know. Just another guy that will die. Another dead memory.

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Sounds very familiar. If the feeling you're talking about is the one I think it is, then I feel it quite often. I regard it as something akin to a spiritual experience.
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