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Whats the most unique thing about you?

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left behind

So whats the most unique thing about you?

The only thing i can think of is that im Left handed. thats pritty rare.

and i blush far too easy(i hate that one though)


The biggest loser ever to live.
I am left handed in everything except for writing/drawing/painting,etc. Wonder why?

I can also throw clothes with my toes.

I always make my brother laugh at least once a day.
I'm an idiot when I'm sober, and mentally lucid while intoxicated.

I need to start drinking again. =P
I'm a leftie... in fact there's a lot of lefties on this forum for some reason haha

my body refuses to gain/lose weight and it refuses to grow... im a midget lol :dry:

left behind

i was really short in school, it was the main reason i was bullied. when i was depressed and hostile in school my apparent 'friends' (i use that term loosely) had this running joke that i had 'short man syndrome' (SMS). :sad:
I'm a leftie... in fact there's a lot of lefties on this forum for some reason haha
Perhaps because left-handed people are commonly considered more sensitive and artistic, and as said in Raise Your Voice (paraphrasing) - artists feel things stronger, differently than other people :)

Just a thought, lol. What makes me unique?...
I would have to go with the combination of dirty mind, way with words and vivid imagination. It's not often you find a girl who'll run up her phone bill sending dirty texts in lectures :tongue:


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Me most unique ability ?

Cats, dogs, follow me home and I can tame wild birds...oh yeah and my guinea pig (sadly deceased) used to run to the front door to greet me whenever I came home. :smile:


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I have seriously flexible wrists and fingers, i can bend my fingers so my finger nail is parrallel with the back of my hand and press my thumb against my wrist easily. But my arms don't straighten at the elbow properly, dunno why?


I have the uncanny ability to maintain extremely high levels of anxiety no matter
how peaceful my surroundings are. (Thank you Jesus, I am truly blessed )


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i have really weird eyes, like people stop me on the street or in bars and ask if im eastern european, or asian, or part japanese, its really strange cause i'm not. *shrugs*
eh, thing is i dont relate to anyone really, dont think i'm like anyone either. so me. i'm just different :dunno:

other than taht, if you want to be particular;
i have 2 birth marks: one on my right shoulder and one on my roght bum cheek. neither appeared till i was 7.
my eyes change colour from green/grey to electric blue. and the hair on my arms change with my mood, from black to blond.
i also have a natural blond streak in the front of my hair when i dont have id died.

and then there are my tattoos. i know people have not got 2 of my 3 tattoos.

other than those things. i'm just me people who know me say theres no others like me :dunno: must be good i suppose :unsure:
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