What's the one thing that made you smile today ?


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Not only smile but also made me laugh. It was my therapist. He's been my therapist for so many years that we've built up such a rapport. He always knows what exactly to say to put my mind at ease. Because I was suicidal that day but he normalized me, stabilized me. It was just our mutual laughter that did it.


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Finishing deep cleaning the front yard windows and polishing my front yard landscaping removing some plants and moving some here and there as well as put down first bag of mulch. Definitely glad how it turned out.


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It was a gorgeous day. I picked up my mother and we went to a quaint little town to window shop. We followed this up by getting her an ice cream while I got an Italian hoagie/sub/grinder and we ate outside while she chatted about ancient family gossip.
Then we went to the nursery and got her some plants for her patio. It was good to just enjoy the day, rather than waste it on chores.


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PART 1 (this is part one since there are 2 things that made me smile. i hope posting them both is allowed). i went to my spiritual meetup today, did a little shopping and was on my way home. i got on the train and sadly, it was quite crowded. my legs ached so much i wished for a seat to become available but as soon as i started wishing (and i was in a good location to jump at one) an elderly woman began to hover around my good spot. sure enough two seats became available. she took one and i took the other. i’ve deliberately left out something important. as soon as she sat down, she gave up her seat to her husband who she nearly had to throw into the seat. yes, i knew he was there. evil of me? i felt so but like i said my legs ached so much. it only took a few seconds for me to do the right thing and offer her the seat. she nearly inisted that i keep the seat. but i refused and she sat down. i was thinking of myself. i took the seat in part because i perceived that i had claimed the area first. it did not seem to matter that the legs of this elderly couple may have ached more than mine. i hesitated when i knew i should have jumped to offer. and i’m glad they got to sit together. how i physically felt is unimportant. what made me smile is that this elderly couple had love. they immediately held hands. she put her head on his shoulder. he cradled her head there. doing the “good deed” was insignificant because the love was so overriding. who knows, maybe i did not even deserve to have that smile. but i did. that i got to witness such a powerful love... envy, admiration, wonderful things were there celebrating their love.


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PART 2. same day same train same time period. i saw betty boop. yes! betty boop. in the flesh. she was a real human come to life right out of those ancient cartoons. there she was all “Boop-Oop-a-Doop” she was. just a few seats down from the elderly couple. two such intense smiles on one train, one time period, one day. i will remember this day.
A perfectly groomed young Alaskan Malamute at the beach today that defied its perfectly groomed owner and proceeded to run right through the stinking seaweed of low tide and into the water beyond. That dog was happy and that made me smile.

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