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Whats the point anymore

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Sorry, don't know if I'm posting in the right place or anything........ Its not the first time trying to reach out..people are fickle, well everyone I've ever met...I've got that feeling I'm too well use to now...... sick of it all....

Noone seems to give a damn about the sanity I've gradually unwillingly lost throughout the last three years.... and don't think this world is a place for me any longer, I've kept putting it off, but noone seems to care that much.
Im sorry to hear that ur in so much pain! Im sure that there r plenty of people around u that care. Sometimes people find it hard to accept that someone they love is depressed and therefore dont deal with it in an appropriate way. Unfortunatly, sometimes this means completly ignoring the problem. Also, sometimes when u are feeling so low, u expect people to see ur pain and help u with it when you are not expressing it. Maybe u should try talking honestly with a close and understanding friend or family member. It can be scary to be honest about how ur feeling, but in the long run it will b very helpful for u!

R u seeing a councillor? on meds? If not, these things would probably help aswell. Again, its initially scary to reach out for help, but no1 deserves to go through this alone. There r people out there who can understand u, accept u and help u!

Take care! :smile:


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Well done for reaching out Subzero, that's a big thing and a brave thing to be able to do. I'm so sorry to hear that people around you don't seem to have cared about you as much as they should have done. It can feel very lonely to go through these feelings on your own with no-one to lean on for support. Just because your experiences of the world so far have made you feel as though there is no place for you, there is still a place out there. Sometimes we find our niche in the world quickly, for others of us, it can take a long time of searching and painful experiences along the way before we are able to find our own path, carve our own niche and feel better about ourselves and our place in this world. It can feel like a very lonely journey sometimes, but you are not alone. Keep reaching out, talk to us. You say you feel like you've been 'losing your sanity' over the last few years - do you want to tell us a bit more about what's made you feel that way? Be kind to you x
to explain whats gone on in my life.... I might as well write a book.... it would be so much easier... I gave a bit of detail in one of the chtrooms yesterday......

Went to go to my family doctor today.... the git is away in Cheltenham (a big horse racing event in England)this week..... Its taken me over 2 years to try and get help... when I do... the world just fucks with me some more.....


Getting better won't depend on a single appointment with your gp, it will take hard graft and maybe much time. It's easy when you first step on the mental health system ladder in the uk to feel knocked back by every hurdle, but the more you get into it the more helpful it will become. As you may or may not know by now, the mental health system in the uk is flawed but is essentially good though, there's alot of people in the field that want to do some good, hopefully in your travels you will come across such people and find the wind in your sails again, destination recovery.
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