What's the point anymore?

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    People never fail to disappoint me. At all times, it seems, and I'm easily disappointed. Probably because I've experienced such since since birth it seems, it's become habitual to expect people to act like douchebags at some point. Maybe my expectations for people are too high.

    It seems no matter how much I try to be myself with others, I always end up being the one isolated, the one no one likes. And there are those I try to be nice and considerate with, and they insist on being insulting trash bags and making attitudes more problematic than they need to be. Shit. It's been like this since forever and with almost every human being I've ever known in my entire life.

    I can't get along with people. Never could. That's just how it is. It's my personality. I was born with it, it's not going to change. It'll kill me in the end anyway, so what's the point in changing who I am even if I could. It just gets exhaustingly dull having every situation with people end up exactly the same disappointing way.

    I'm gonna just stop trying to harmoniously socialize with people entirely. And I'm gonna be honest with you: I've been seeing the same shit for 25 years and I'm tired. I'm just tired. Tired of trying to care, tired of caring and tired of trying. Mostly I'm tired of being fucking tired.

    Things don't change much. What's the point in expecting them to anymore?
  2. yorkie bar

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    I don't know what words to say to you, but i'm listening.

    People are a great disappointment in life, thats for sure, but hang on in there

    * hug * yorkie
  3. Sadeyes

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    I find you resourceful and provocative...traits that are enjoyable to socialize with...please continue to show us who you are...it is the best way to be with another, even in cyber...big hugs, J
  4. perry_mason

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    you cant expect anything/anyone to change. you just have to stop thinking that bad people may turn nice one day and just look after number 1.
  5. foreverYoung180

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    im on the other end..i always disappoint people..and i dont know why. but i still understand where you are coming from. i usually have too high expectations for things and of people, and they never live up to the initial expectation.
  6. CloudCatching

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    I honestly like you as a person, no matter what you do.