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Whats the point, I'm worthless anyway.

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Fuck you, you've hurt me so fucking badly, and I have to sit there and take your shit yet when I give it back you go off and blame EVERYTHING on me. The only things that were 100% me was me hitting you. That is the only thing that will ever be solely my fucking fault. YOU are equally responcible for everything else.
Oh, and why when I begged you to leave after I had hit you did you stay? yet when we have an argument (caused by the two of us) did you insist on hurting me and try to break up with me, how the fuck does that make any sence? Your seriously fucked up.
And now I have to live with you for a year, well unless I off myself, oh don't worry, it wont be because of you. Just every other thing going on in my worthless existence.
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