what's the point in hanging on when it never gets better?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by fighter, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. fighter

    fighter Member

    i am so sick of just hanging on and hanging on. it never gets better.
  2. you're just on a bad streak

    hang on for better days even if you believe they'll never come cause they will whether you believe it or not
  3. Cricket31

    Cricket31 Active Member

    This happens to me from time to time. Your just overwhelmed right now. Just relax go out and have a good time!
  4. green

    green New Member

    actually i kindaagree with the origin of the thread what is the point ?
  5. What is the point?
    Because something could be around the corner.
  6. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    There is one very simple reason to hang in there. Even if things haven't improved so far, there's always a chance that they can. Improvement doesn't always happen overnight. Sometimes, you have to put up with a lot of crap and it seems like it will never end. When it's bad, it always feels like it's hopeless. Unfortunately, living means you have to take the bad with the good. When it's bad, it's really bad. But when it's good, it can be really, really good.
  7. gemusan

    gemusan Active Member

    It does get better. Nobody knows what the future will bring, but if you're at rock bottom, the only place to go is up. Hang in there!
  8. HomerSimpson

    HomerSimpson Well-Known Member

    You know the statement "you never know whats around the corner" is true, but for me I have been waiting for the last four years for something good to come around the corner, and it still hasnt happened. Not sure how much longer I can wait.
  9. fighter

    fighter Member

    i'm glad some people can understand me, but i also understand people on the other side.

    i'm just getting so tired of holding on. i really do try to be strong. i always hope things can get better.

    it feels like every day is a struggle to just make it through without doing something to myself. even still i manage to do it, with the hope in the back of my mind.

    i just need some kind of a break. i've been waiting so long.
  10. flatline5150

    flatline5150 Member

    you will be fine man..take a reality break. do some personal time somewhere and dont worry about the little shit..cause its all bs ya know
  11. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    That is how it is. Every day feels like an eternity. We all know that feeling. The thing is that I'm looking back on it with at least 15 years of experience and some folks are just at the beginning. I know that things can get better because I've been through really rough, bad times and really good times. My life hasn't been all roses and I won't lie and say it is now. But I have seen how life can change from really bad to really good in the blink of an eye.

    It's like being at the bottom of a really steep hill or mountain on a very hot day. You look up and maybe you can't even see the top. All you can see is the same old monotonous road. How could it possibly go anywhere? You never know if you don't keep walking.

    But having said that, there's no rule that says if you're really, really tired, you can;t sit down for a rest. You know, sometimes stress gets really bad and it can make you feel really bad. I know for a fact that stress can make you feel physically ill if you have too much stress that goes on for too long. If that is the case, maybe you need to get the things that are stressing you out of your life or make some changes. Many people don't have the option but if you do, it's a great way to find some relief.

    Realize that things that seem like a really big deal sometimes aren't in the grand scheme. I've had times when I thought if I messed this or that up, the world would come to an end or some horrible thing would happen (nothing in particular. Just a feeling that I couldn't fail) and then, I realized, life would go on if I didn't do this or that or if I sat down to admire the scenery when people were ordering me to march. What do they know, anyway?

    The biggest thing that has helped me has been the realization that well over half the people in this world don't have a clue.....about anything. They're just as lost as I am. They don't know what the point of life is any more than I do. They don't even know why they do what they do. They just do it because they have to do something and they feel like they have to find some point. Some meaning. They can't live just to be living. Well. Why the hell not? As long as you have your health and the financial means with which to survive, who cares if you aren't a Hollywood star or a president or a CEO or something? Who cares if you aren't married? I have two good hands and the internet. I don't need a woman.

    Anyway. At some point, I just stopped waiting for it to get better and just started focusing on living in the moment. It's all you can really do. Unless you actively plan for the future and work very hard, waiting for things to get better when you aren't doing anything to make them better might not be the best. It just frustrates you more.

    I don't know how helpful this is. I hope some.
  12. If it hurts to the point where you want to die all day every day. Has hurt all day every day for your all life. It's time to pack in the nonsense talk and let a person die.
  13. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    I pretty much agree that things don't get better. I have been suicidal every single day for over a year now. Some days I get so lost inside my head with these terrible thoughts that I am really on the edge of ending it all.
  14. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    Hi. (sigh) I guess, somehow, what I was trying to say in my last post didn't come across the way I wanted it to.

    Can't you see what I'm saying? I'm 34. Just turned 34. A year is not a long time. Five years is not a long time. It feels like a long time when you're mired in depression. It also feels like it's longer than it is when you're still young. How old are you guys?

    You see? When I was in my late teens and early 20s, every day seemed like a long time. A year was forever. Now (Older folks will tell you this and it's true) the days are a blur. Last week seems like this morning. Last year seems like last week. I am depressed, still, but it has gotten better over the years. I don't feel like I should do it every day like I used to.

    If there's no other reason why I'm glad I kept living, it's that I understand people and the world better than I did years ago. I've learned more in the last 8 years than I ever did in my life. Coincidentally, that would be right about the time I plugged into the Internet. The world is interesting. There is so much to learn. Don't go before you give it a chance.
  15. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    in the hope that one day..it will get better
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