Whats the point,Ive tried to lot

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    Why id life a joke a times,,I'm getting married this year...Just tried my dress on tho find that i will need to lose around 3 stone in weight for it to fit me,,as having the depression and piled the weight on me....I'm trying everything that i can....sit ups,,eating healthy the lot...I wanted a cross trainer to help me lose the weight....But my wonderful boyfriend tells me no..even tho hes spend over £80 on his car over the past couple of weeks....He says there's no room in the house the house thats MY not His....I'm fed up with him controling me and our money...If this doesnt stop theres not wedding
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    hi there. I'm sorry to hear that. I know it must be hard to try to lose weight, and cardio is a good way to do it. There are hundreds of cardio exercises out there and you don't need any fancy equipment to do it either. Running, skipping, jogging, step aerobics, they are all cardio. Cardio is also known as aerobic exercise. I know that having a machine sometimes helps but you can just as easily plan a workout without it. As long as the exercise is intense enough to make your heart pound and make you sweat, your doing great. Good luck with it.
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    Hi Nicki,

    There are lots of ways to lose weight without buying expensive equipment.
    Waking daily is a good way. Sit ups on their own won't help much.
    Eat regular healthy meals to keep metabolism stable.Drink plenty of water (2-3 litres a day) we often confuse hunger with thirst.
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    hey nikki
    swimming is a good way i i used to be really really big but i have lost so much weight by swimming and walking and eating lots of fruit and veg eat beakfast and dont eat after 7 at night if you need anymore help pm me
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    I'm sorry....everyone posting is only focusing on how to lose weight. But what about the controlling issues of your fiance? It is sounding to me like you might want to look closely at that.

    Getting married will not make existing problems go away--if anything, getting married will make you feel more locked into those problems.

    It sounds to me like you might want to talk to a therapist asap about these things. You must not lose yourself--you are too important to let him control you and tell you what you can and cannot do. Although a relationship is full of compromises, it should never be about controlling. Ever.

    Let us know how you're doing.