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What's the point of going on?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Max_Mcmillan, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Max_Mcmillan

    Max_Mcmillan New Member

    Hi I'm max
    I'm 15 and live with my mum, dad, brother, sister and dog.
    I live a very normal life, I go to school, I'm a very smart kid, I love video games,
    I have a strong group of friends, I have no enemies I'm quite a normal kid I get all the latest playstation games and I seem very happy.
    Schoolwork s very depressing for me I hate homework, revising so what? at the end I can receive a piece of paper with the letter A on it that allows me to work
    But I just see no point in continuing life, so what I can slave away behind a desk to earn money, to feed a family, and they do the exact thing, it's like we're not free at all, like the government seems to control everything that our lives revolve around, they decide how the world operates, what's allowed and what's not and every human being is a part of it they control us, citizens are the 99% and the government are the 1% that we suffer for. We pay for there mistakes.
    It may seem abit off topic but I see things very long term so I wake up and think to myself every morning what's the point of continuing with this 'so called FREE LIFESTYLE'.
    I may seem a bit selfish that I have a nice life and that some people have it ALOT worse than me, so if I can just get out of this cycle of living why don't I? So I can live to play another call if duty game? So I can see another person control a country? So I can see another generation of people's life just waste away?
    It also feels like no one else gets me, that I think/look at a situation in a completely different way to everyone else, I never ever talk about it incase I seem different I've just continued on as someone I'm not?

    So I ask you this, after all of my suffering of schoolwork, living a lifestyle differently to how I want to, living a FREE life, why should I continue?
  2. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    I live in the U.S. and while I don't always agree 100% with the government here, most of it does not really affect me because I don't let it. I have my life, my family, and my interests, and I don't try to concern over things that are not within my control. That does not mean I do not do good things (have a major hand in involvement with a number of substantial charities that help people).

    A person can say that things are bad, and do nothing, or they can work toward making the world better. There are many ways to do so. We do not slave away behind desk just to feed a family. When we create a family, we work to have the things we and they need in order to survive and to be happy. We may not enjoy the act of working, but we can enjoy the love of those we care about. On our off time, we can do fun things. We can hang out together, we can watch our children grow, we can play with our pets, we can go to parks and beaches, we can participate in or view our favorite sports, or get involved in our hobbies; write, read, watch movies, collect, build, paint, etc.

    Life is what we make of it. If we wait for someone else, or a government, to hand us happiness on a silver plate, we will never be happy.

    Nobody enjoys studies or homework/schoolwork. I never did. I hated it. I don't like working either (if work was fun, we'd call it "play"). If you have a dream or a goal, you can always work toward it. You don't have to waste time behind a desk if you don't enjoy that. There are many career opportunities out there, and at 15 you have the ability to start choosing which you might enjoy most right now. It's a lot harder to create a new career when you're older, so think now about what you might enjoy going forward. Is it computer related? Artistic and creative? Perhaps you want to work with animals. Health care has a big scope of rewarding positions also. Some people enjoy the law and get into the legal system, politics, or enforcement. There's always singing, dancing, playing in a band, acting, directing, film making... Manufacturing, testing, certifying, construction. Something must appeal to you in one way or another.

    If you see no point in playing another call of duty game, then turn the game machine off. Go outside and toss a football. Get involved in some civic activity. Join a chess club. Volunteer at the animal shelter.

    We can't control the outside world, but we can master that which is our own. You're at the age of decisions and it's possible that you don't what would be best for you, but it is a good time to explore what could be. At 15, you have a huge world ahead to experience and I promise you that it is not all bad or useless.
  3. Max_Mcmillan

    Max_Mcmillan New Member

    Thank you for the reply but its not that simple for me
  4. Mma man

    Mma man Member

    Hey bro I'm in the same boat but your young and yeah I agree with you100%about the being a slave to the government and all but dude theirs other countries I've come to realize that life. Is full of bs and not a whole lot of people give a s but dude again your young if you feel that way get into the government and make a difference and not all jobs are behind a desk you need to get into a sport to release some anger bro trust me you'll feel a lot better or go play some cod nazi zombies blowing them away is always fun lol stay strong bro u got this
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