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What's the point???

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Antiquitie's Friend
Tried to warn you
Of my upcoming event
You didn't believe me
You thought I just needed to vent

But now I'm gone
Only memories remain
Knowing it could've been prevented
Is driving you insane

You could've stopped me
Had you listened
You would've realized
It was love I was missing

All these years
That have gone by
Makes me break down
Makes me want cry

All I ever wanted
Was to belong
To be truely loved
Is that so wrong

So as I say
My final good-bye
I find a comforting peace
I'm now ready to die

I try to tell people, but they don't take me seriously... nobody does.

I just want someone to talk too, to actually take what I need to say seriously. I've come to believe that there's no one out there like that. They only want something back in return, or just laugh and say "deal with it".

I don't know what else to do or say... but if no one else cares, why should I?
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