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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by mn04, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. mn04

    mn04 New Member

    I really can't take this crap anymore. I just feel so depressed, I just don't feel like going on this charade anymore. I mean every single day I go to tafe (like uni, though not as good), I have to take this crap from everyone, some reason I just feel like telling them to shut the fuckup. But then all I do is do nothing, like most people do, and maybe thats why I am here. I don't know maybe I am more stressed than before, with all these tests and assignments, and other crap going at home. Well let's just say my home environment isn't the most ideal as I like to be. I mean the home is okay, its just the people I have to deal with every single day, is so annoying.

    Which makes me wonder what is the point of living, I mean the only that keeps me occupied is this tafe thing, I mean I can't really talk to anyone at home, let alone cannot tell any of my friends at TAFE. I mean the only thing I have left is apathy, i don't care about anything or anyone, and after tafe then what, I mean my life has no purpose, it is going nowhere, though people keep telling of the amazing prospects in the future in my selected course/career. I mean its all bs, I will never eventuate to anything in life, either than a complete waste of space and time. Its very depressing, I know, I even have no idea why I am writing this thread, though i figure its a good start. There comes a point in life, that you have to figure is it really worth it, is what I am putting the effort really paying off, well it hasn't so already, but i beg to differ that would change in the future.

    I mean what's the point of anything, when we are all left from this world, our being becomes a void, with no consciousness, no feeling, no memory, no nothing, emptiness, complete emptiness.

    Though there is one thing that keeps me going for now, and though you may laugh it is important to me. The 2014 winter olympic games in Sochi, Russia starting February 7, is the one thing that I would like to witness in the future. It is always comforting, when it is the first time that my mother country will be hosting the olympic games. (Previous 1980 - Moscow, Part of USSR)

    I mean, sometimes i feel like ending it, then i don't, and all I do is feel all depressed, lonely and complete apathy for everything and everyone.
  2. dnh

    dnh Guest

    Tell them to STFU and see where it takes you.
  3. gemusan

    gemusan Active Member

    You said it, the point of life is to witness how things unfold, and try to enjoy the ride. I suggest that you find more hobbies that you enjoy and focus your attention on the goodness in your life.
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