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  1. well i woke up after a restless night and went down just to get a load of shit from my mum, sister and brother. see i havent been to college. i know im failing again, ive missed loads cause ive been ill so i didnt see the point in going. why go just to fail and dissapoint people all over again like last year?

    So then i printed CV's off and headed into town to hand them out so i can get a job. Its not a career but i could really use the money at the moment so i just went around everywhere looking for a job just anything. So now im just waiting to hear back...if i even will :(

    On my way i was just kind of sat on my own on the bus with my mp3 in as i do. keeping myself to myself. I really got chance to step back and look at the world around me. the people. whats going on. All i could think was, i am a nobody, and nobody would miss me if i were gone and looking at my life now i have no future what so ever. Ill be a college drop out with no hope. Life is just what u make it i guess. and i havent done a good job.

    i have no reason to be here anymore. more importantly i dont want to be here anymore. i wanna be so far away from reality and existance. i hate it. i hate myself :(
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    Pople obviously do care your family wouldn't moan at you if they didn't care.

    I sit and think that in the bigger picture sometimes, we are all just a small part, but thats the point we all have are small part to play and although small everyone is important.

    Take care, I am here if you wanna talk.

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    I can really relate to what you are saying in this post.. i often sit back and watch the world, and wonder where i fit in and what i'll ever make of my life. But please believe me that your life is not yet over.. you may not feel like there is a point right now or that you're a nobody... but give yourself time and space to grow, develop and 'find yourself' (I know this sounds corny, sorry).

    Hope things with the jobs work out ok.. let us know (if you want) :)
    Jenny x
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