What's the point???

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    So, i'm new to this forum - never posted before. It seems like a good idea.
    You don't have to read this, it'll probably not make any sense and be boring anyway.
    I don't think I want to kill myself, but sometimes I feel like it, everything just seems to be so shit at the moment.
    I've got a chronic illness, and the nhs don't want to pay for my medication anymore.
    I'm failing at college and have no idea what i want to do when I leave - even though theres a ton of pressure on me to choose.
    I've never had a boyfriend - or even kissed anyone, and no-one's ever going to like me coz i'm so ugly.
    I realised that most things in the world don't matter - who cares how much money you have if you don't have someone to love you. And I realised that no one will ever love me - so whats the point in living?
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    the point to keep living it´s that you´ll find someone to love you, may be it´ll take a lot of time, may be not, but are you going to quit for everything that may come now? if you´ve reached 80ies and you dind´t i wouldn´t say anything, but c´mon, you still got chance, no matter how you look at yourself. +
    take care, be safe, and pm me if you need it