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    i can never break it, ive been doing good for a long time now, i even thought i might be over all of this shit, but then i get shot the fuck down. whats the fucking point, i just dont care. im not sad anymore, i accepted who i am and im gonna have to live with the choices i have made in my life. i sit here thinking what is the reason for living? why am i here? and all i can answer myself is that i am here for no reason at all. i have been trying to convince myself that this life isnt real, nothing is real, but jkust when i think i done it something wakes me up to see this harsh reality.

    im going to die someday, and i dont believe in an afterlife so why sit here in this fucking world just counting down these days of pain, why not just leave right now?

    whats left to do, am i the onlyone here that sees past all this bullshit and propaganda these motherfuckers tell us? i try to ignore it but it just wont stop comming. school is just fucking stupid, there is no fucking point of even going, i made a commitment to myself that i will dropout weather my parents like it or not. i dont care what happens to me, i HOPE i end up a fucking bum cause thats all that i am.

    dont even take you time replying this, you will be just wasting your time on someone you would hate if you actually knew.
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    I can sort of relate to how you feel. My parents are not making me feel of any worth, to the point I wonder if I was born to be tortured and left for dead cause of my irresponsible parents...

    Stay strong. =) Let's hope we both can make it through this eh? :hug: