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    I couldn't stand it any more and jacked in the job with no job to go to. Now I'm jobless and soon will be homeless (not in the living on the street sense, hopefully - more like travelling around).

    Work are trying to think of all sorts of excuses why they can't pay me my money on my last day and give me the forms they are legally required to give when you leave somewhere. They have referred it to the CEO and their excuse now will be that she is too busy to deal with it so I will have to wait and, oh, magically - pay day will come and go and I still won't have the form I'm supposed to have and so instead of finally being free I will have to spend more time in this hellhole that makes me want to kill myself (literally).

    Not only that, but I gave my notice on my room and my landlady is charging me the full price for something that I didn't break. She claims she is dividing the price between all tenants but when I had a look at prices
    range it could be, there's no way the price she's quoted is a proportionate amount.

    What's the point really? If you can't trust a single soul what really is the point of being here? Yeah, nature is nice and all that but unfortunately I have to feed myself and unless air changes to food I have to be surrounded by people who get a thrill out of making me miserable.
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    i hear you, its not very nice when you truly learn the expression, its a dog eat dog world out there, easy road to misanthropeville.

    you could always sue or steal something from that place and not pay the landlady.

    but then you will get sued and go bankrupt, and it will just ruin your credit.

    i remember seeing something about a group of people that live out in the woods...tempting.
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    Funny that you mention it, but living in the woods was one of the things I was thinking of doing. Ever see that film "Into the Wild"? Well, I was thinking it would make my last few days interesting and at least it would be more challenging than sitting in an office doing nothing more than shuffling paper around, in the modern sense. :rolleyes:
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    i haven't seen that movies, does it teach survival skill, because that's what we would need you know. what mushrooms to eat, when its ok the fight a bear and so on.
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    Nah, doesn't teach anything so to speak, more about getting away from a society dependent on money. I totally recommend it, although the ending is a bit sad, but then again I am a girl :wink:

    Happy Friday 13th!!!
  6. That movie rocked. I think anyone with a depression problem would love to do that, except maybe have an alternate ending.

    The was 1 of only 3 movies that almost made me cry and I'm not a crier at all.
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    why not travel to some 3rd world countries and do some odd jobs there to spend some time considering ur next options. you will see different cultures, experience different ways of live and learn to look at life in a different perspective. It's better than terminating ur life. Life is much more than a job. just take any jon when you are travelling :)

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    I was thinking that, but I have just come back from doing something similar and was hoping to spend another few years here to get my own house (so I wouldn't have to rent and share with lying cheats or be ripped off by landlords any more). I'm now considering a career change and looking for one that doesn't involve sitting in front of a computer all day and has the least interaction with people you can imagine. This has it's drawbacks though :sad:, it is most likely to involve spending 3 or 4 years doing a degree by the end of which I'll be :wheelchair: