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Whats the point

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by ZakPup, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. ZakPup

    ZakPup Well-Known Member

    Life's got this GI thinkin that theres not much else to life than suffering, pain, and troubles. I've got myself in a financial hole the size of frickin texas and I might get kicked out of the army for it. That can't happen cause the armys my whole life, its the only thing that has brought me joy and a sense of self confidence that i always looked for inside myself. But nope this hole has taken that all away so now that i can't go on in the army i can't go on in life cause the army is my life
  2. valley

    valley Member

    Do you want to talk about your financial problems? It might help. Have you spoken to anyone about it yet?
  3. ZakPup

    ZakPup Well-Known Member

    my family knows about it, but not how big it is. My dad helped a little but all that did was slow everything down and hes allready done enough to help me he put like close to 800 dollars in my account but that didn't help. Thinking i need to pull out a loan, which i don't want to do because i have shitty credit and it'll make my situation worse.
  4. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    Well if your credit is bad, like mine is, :sad:

    you might want to consider a bankruptcy.
  5. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    FInancial issues for me are hot right now too with the whole friggin planet in a spiral. I tried to get a job delivering letters and legal documents by car in Los Angeles. I used to be able to get a job like this anytime, now there's about 50 applications for each job and it's taking forever.

    Just curious, can't the Army help out at all? I would think the govt. would try and help out right now. Obama said he's pouring more money for soldiers, etc...is there anything at all you've heard about that can help you out soon along those lines?

    Sorry, I didn't read the post correctly! I guess your issue with the Army is keeping you from getting any help there! But I'm still curious if you've heard anything about additional pay or loans availlable from the govt.
  6. ZakPup

    ZakPup Well-Known Member

    there is a loan that i can get but i can't remember what it was or where i go to get it, damn those long ass briefings can't remember anything afterwards except the basics that don't help. But ya my situation is keeping me from getting help cause if i do get a loan ya that will help temporarily and how would i pay that back, i guess with a little more ease but it will be about as hard as it is right now cause i got to catch up on my creditcard bills and that'll take a while
  7. walkin

    walkin Active Member

    would the army really kick u out for having money problems?. ... thats harsh
    I would have thought the army would try to keep all their people in no matter what their personal situation.
    Loans are great, and Im sure their are lots ( of people) in the same situation as you are.
  8. valley

    valley Member

    One of my friends is a JAG (Judge Advocate General) and she said that they were required to provide free legal help to the troops. If the army doesn't have any free financial advisers, you might try making an appointment with the JAG and just asking your questions. He/she might at least clarify whether you can be discharged from the army for financial problems (I have not heard of that myself) and might even have some helpful suggestions.

    May I ask what type of debt you have?
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