whats the point?

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I'm afraid and scared of my life ahead. I'm desperate and just wish i wasn't feeling this way. I really don't want to live any more, and want to go. But a small part of me is scared to take the final step. I know i don't have much worth living for here, my family have disowned me and wouldn't really care. But i know i need help, i need to sort my head out but i don't think it's worth all the effort. I'd rather just leave this world for good and say good bye! i just can't get the suicidal feelings out of my mind and nothing is calming me down. It's just all getting on top of me again and i think i'm ready to go this time. But am afraid that if i go, if i let go of that one string of hope, i will have wasted my life. But then i think i've hung onto that string so long now, that it's ready to break. An i'm ready to break it, and let go.
No your not ready by the sounds of it. It sounds like your afraid of the unknown, and I can sympathise with that.
Stepping out of your comfort zone is an extremely hard thing to do, I literally feel sick in the stomach when I have to call someone or talk to someone I dont know. But you know what, it has to be done and I know that if I just get over that inital hurdle I will feel alot better.
Start a fresh, empower yourself, you know what you have to do. Take control.

Instead of thinking about "awww what'll they think of me if I do this or say that or if I look this way", think about "this person cares about what I have to say, this person wants to help". I know thats an easy thing to say. but belive you me I understand what a massive massive MASSIVE!!! To take that first step. But just imagine all the good things that'll come out of it if you just take that first step :smile: .

If you want to talk or more help jus PM me :smile:


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As silent addiction said, i don't feel you are ready either. You have come here looking for answers. We don't necessarily have the answers, but we can offer you support and lots of caring to help you get through the rough times. Take control over your life and continue to fight for healing. It will truly be the fight of your life, but you are worth it. If you need to talk you may always PM me. Take care. :hug:


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I think its safe to say that most if not all of us feel or have felt the way you are feeling now, things are bad for you, you want things to get better, you really don't want to commit suicide, you wish that things would get better by themselves am I right? Thats at least how I'm feeling.


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as long as you are alive there is hope that u will get the life you want.. please judt take it one day at a time.. and lean on us... eventually things will get better... one step at a time...
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