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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by harrro, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. harrro

    harrro New Member

    it all started in october..i had bad digestive problems for the past 6months. doctors telling me its nothing and parents dont really care except that they keep saying i told u to eat better. i wish i did. now since october my mood has changed been having suicidal thoughts cause i cant deal with the pain with these digestive issues. tried to many supplements to get my body back to normal but nothing seems to work when other people seem to have success with them. why am i the only person that doesnt feel better. i feel like this is the rest of my life and i cant deal with it anymore. how am i going to stay in school or get a gf or wife with having bad D or gas all the time. its ruined my life and no one cares that i have it..i feel like just taking my life is the only option i have to get the pain over with forever..
  2. ozbound

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    Can you not go back to your Doc's and tell them your still having problems and tell them what you are going through mentally as well. But if nothing else keep posting here we will help you all we can even if you just need to vent.
  3. Scum

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    I know for sure you're not the only person that doesn't feel better. Digestive problems cripple many people (I can relate to that personally), and so do mental health problems.

    Have they done any tests to try and work out what is causing your problems? Have you kept a diary of the symptoms and what you eat to try and work out if there is a pattern and maybe a food you have gained an intolerance too?

    Me and my brother have chronic gut problems-he has a diagnosis, I do not. He has Crohns Disease. Some of our symptoms are what you describe, and whilst it can affect your life, there is no reason why you can't be in a relationship with those problems. My dad also has similar problems and he has been married for 33 years this July- so he is proof. I have another friend with Crohn's disease who is engaged. These things can be managed to make your life easier, and even if it is still hard, there is still hope. It's just important to know what is going on for you so you can best work out how to manage it.

    I would also imagine that the lack of nutrients is probably not helping your mental health, so that's another thing to talk to the doctor about, too.

    Please keep talking.
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