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i have tried to commit suicide so many times since i was 12, i have lost count. i was sick of the mental health nurse at the hospital telling me to snap out of it and grow up. so easier said than done.
i have tried, od's, slitting wrists, hanging, car accidents, jumping off tall buildings but unfortunately someone always stopped me before i stepped off the edge. so not fair.
suicide is always there whether i admit to it or not
First of all big hug!
I can totally understand what you're going through at the moment and i wish i was there to help you out.
You just need someone to talk to, someone you can trust, and those people aren't easy to find. I've struggled since i was 12 as well and have been though it all just like you're saying. And my life still isn't always beautiful. But like you're saying you've attempted it many times and have never succeeded. Obviously you have a load of wonderful people around who do care about you. i know it's not always easy to see, but i am sure you're an excellent person and got so much worth living for. Try to find one small positive thing in your life and hold onto that. And i'm sure you'll be able to find more positives. Try to hold on i know it's not always easy cause i've been through it and carry on going through it every day. But i know it's worth it. If you let go now you're wasting that one small positive which could lead to more positives and a great future.
Take care of yourself.
God isn't letting you die for a reason. So stop trying cause you really have a purpose in life. Think of everyone else that has it a lot worse than you. Like people wiht no food, family, health, water, computers, and a home. I really want you to get better. Remember you can always talk to me!


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All I wanted to say if that the nurse that told you to snap out of it and grow up should not be a nurse in the first place, god what she said makes me so angry!!!! Stupid bitch! :mad: :mad: :mad:

I'm not sure if there always is a point to living and I think that one can find a point to living, you may just feel left out since everyone around you has reasons to live and you feel like the only one who doesn't, well you certainly aren't alone, just wanted to let you know that. :smile:


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A stupid nurse told me "he did not want you--acept it" I wanted to say FU** YOU. But I stopped myself. I was too lost in my thoughts and hurting.
We don't need rough words. we already hate ourselves, don't you see that nurses of the world!!!!

You are hurting too. I CARE Rachy!!
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