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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Truely_Alone, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Truely_Alone

    Truely_Alone New Member

    Hi All,

    I personally don't consider myself "suicidal". I've just given up. I can't see a point anymore. I've blown £10,000 in 5 months because I can't get a job. (Luckily this was savings). I've now got nothing. My GF has got rid of me, and seems to have moved on. Which is killing me. But I am the only one who knows this.

    I am drinking about a litre of JD a day, because it's the only thing that seems to dull the pain. I am 26 and everytime something seems to go well it fails. It's just now that I can't see a point. 26 and been messed about too much. 26 I should be thinking about kids, but apparently not. I don't find it hard getting with someone, it's just hard to keep them - or feel the same for each other. It just seems a pointless struggle.

    I've done drugs before, the last being E. I don't really do drugs anymore, and probably won't. ut at this age you just hope you'd have things sorted.

    The pain of everything is killing me. I can't sleep, I can't talk to anyone, as they just assume I am having a drunken rant. It feels constantly like someones shot me in the stomache and my heart just beats and misses people. The only thing I have is alcohol, and as much as people make out it does not help - it does.

    I've broken my hand because I just want to fight now. I'm losing it and have such thoughts about my Ex it's not right.

    It's just all on top of me at the moment. And it's going to get worse from here...

    What should I do?
  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry your relationship has broken down....there is a lot of grief to work through when that happens so don't be too hard on yourself..
    good to hear you're not doing the drugs anymore.....maybe a good idea to cut the alcohol back as it can work as a depressant ..
    I urge you to go see your GP and discuss how you feel.. he may consider some meds to calm some of that anger and depression....
    you are so young ...don't give up yet....
    I hope you'll keep posting here as there are lots of caring people who want to help..
  3. Truely_Alone

    Truely_Alone New Member

    Ummm, looks like she's with someone else now. I'm gonna knock their head off if I ever see them (only him). TBH I feel better about it now. Now I can get over it with hate. I finally feel alive.
  4. yogurt

    yogurt Active Member

    Hello, TA.

    I was drunk for about 8 years. It felt so good when I drank--it numbed the pain and slowed/stopped the terrible racing thoughts. It took some health problems and the realization that my life wasn't getting any better to get me to stop. I wasted my money, my time and my mental and physical health.

    Please talk to a doctor about what's going on. The pain I was trying to numb came from depression. Everyone's reasons are different and I can't give you medical advice, but it's important to talk to the professionals. There are people out there who can help you. Please take care of yourself.
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