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whats the point?

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i dont know why im bothering to write this out, no one will probably read it so therefore there is no point what so ever, just writing for the sake.

Well, things are getting bad lately, nothing has changed i dont think. I'm just finding it harder to cope. How stupid is that? Everything is virtually over now i've been through the worst of it and im only just finding it hard to cope? I dont understand why?

Is it because i was too understanding for everyone else? i dont know.. urg.. i dont know what im trying to say here.

I have made peoples life hell and im sorry for that. I'm making him suffer too, i dont mean to.. i cant help it.. i dont want to feel like this, i just do? Ive thought about this for a while now, i feel maybe its time that i seriously got on with it.. gr.
hey...I'm new to this site...but i hear you. I've made people's lives hell as well...and I'm still suffering through everything that's happened in my past. But I'm on this site to try and find help. And if u need someone to talk to, I'm more then happy to listen and support u. A lot has been going in and out of my head for the past fews days, more then usual, and I dnt think I can hold on much longer, but I'm trying, as hard as I can, to keep on truckin through my life. even though it's extremely hard. And like I said, I'm willing to support people as well.
I know that I replied eariler, but i just thought that maybe my life isn't important at all...and i dnt see the point in trying to make it better because every time i try, i just make my life 10 times worse...i dnt even know y im writing this...
I totally hear you, i struggle with exactly the same thing. I try to pick myself up constantly on a daily basis but then feel like "what's the point?". I feel pretty irrelevant in the world too.
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