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whats the point

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Hi guys
If you read my last post you would know i was released from hospital after a serious attempt, well its been a few weeks and im back where i started from any day now i think i have to end my life i cant see any way around it what the hell happened i was feeling almost human again but now its back to being the same sack of crap i knew i was:sigh:
I'm sorry to hear. Sounds like the most aweful experience... BUT know that you AREN'T crap. I firmly believe that you, as well as many on this forum, have a hidden potential, which may take time to surface, but we all have it! you are included of course :)

P.S. the counterpart is true too! Sometimes, whenever we try and find something (eg eyeglass), we often forget to check the most obvious place because we believe that there is no way it could possible be there (like on our nose^^)

hope this helped

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I see in your other posts you have meds..maybe they need adjusting..
you need to talk to your doctor asap
please don't harm yourself again
you're not a sack of crap


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If you are back in your normal, every day environment, then perhaps that is an issue which needs to be addressed with how you are feeling, in addition to your medication. A few days out, camping, or something is a good way to ease your mind and escape things that normally drive you to feel this way.
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