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whats the point?

My first wife died in a car wreck in 1995. I tried to move on and remarried. After 14 yrs my wife left me,can't blame her. I never got ovet the death of my first wife. My 13yr old son is the only thing keeping me going. I'm seeing a shrink who put me on several mess,including lithium. I've tried therapy but got nothing out of it. I'm finding it harder and harder to hang on but life is just too painful.

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Hi derrell your son a very good reason hun to hold on. CAn you tellyour doctor that the medication is not helping your depression
Maybe add a medicaiton to the one your on to help the sadness go away some hun
Your right hun your son will always need you so please talk to your doctor see what med changes can be done to help you hugs


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Hello, Derrell. Welcome to the forums. May your first wife rest in peace. Take care and stay safe. ~ Warm regards, Alex ~
After my first wife died I was suicidal. I tried to kill myself with a car wreck. My wifes sister helped get me through it. A few years ago she put a gun in her mouth and shot herself. She was my only support system but she never gave me or anyone else any clue that she was suffering. I don't want to leave my son ike that but I dont see any future without so much pain.
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Hi, Derrell. I'm so sorry for your loss of your first wife and the break up of your second marriage. I'm glad you and your son have each other.

You have a lot of sad events on your mind. I hope that you can talk to your doc/therapist about them, and also that you will continue to talk to us here at SF. We're a very supportive group. Sometimes just allowing ourselves to feel our sadness also allows us to put it down and leave it behind.

Please stay strong and safe. :hug:
I hate to keep dumping on you guys. In may while fishing at the river,a 6 week old puppy someone had abandoned swam across a strong current to get to me. I took him home and nursed him back to health. Everyone he has been there for me. When i was down he would come sit in my lap and help cheer me up. He gave me someone to come home to and take care of. But mostly he gave me love and companionship. He got sick this morning and by the time I could get him to the vet he died. I'm really going to miss him. His name was Buddy because he was my buddy

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aw hun you did good to take him in and give him some love hun I hpe perhaps you could go to a shelter and find a new puppy that will love you unconditionally sorry your lost the puppy hun hugs to you
I'm really struggling tonight. I'm running out of excuses to stay. I and. Everyonelse would be better off if I died. At least my son would have my insurance money. I could double it by accidentally driving into the river. I feel like my head is going to explode. So much regret.


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I know you're struggling, derrell, and I'm really sorry to hear that. I'm glad we get to talk to you though, as I value these moments. I was just wondering whether you've thought about getting another puppy because you really seem to have enjoyed having Buddy by your side.

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YOur sons life would be destroyed i know hun it will be if you leave him hugs I don't mean to cause you more anquish hun but if you leave you son will be given that suicidal trait and you don't want that for him hugs


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Hi derrell! I'm new to the forum too, I was reading through your story and I really feel for you. Please keep strong, things will get better. When I was suicidal I pushed myself to make connetions with people. I made small talk with nice looking strangers; for some reason this really helped me. Think of your son; getting another dog sounds like a really good idea too! -Wishing you well!


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Derrell as long as there's breath theres hope. Many people under stress can not see alternatives to a bleak situation. But the key is to hold on until it gets better, until then try to find someone that is encourging and supportive. The bible says that "anxious care in the heart of a man will cause it to bow down,but the good word will make it rejoice. So find a person that can give you a good word.
Just think of how you feel...right now, that is exactly how your son will feel. Believe me money doesn't make you happy, I got it when my husband passed in September. I would give it back in an instant to have him back, and I KNOW our children would give it back as well. I have a 13 year old and she misses her daddy every minute of the day. Continue to think of your son. He will get you through, my kids are what have gotten me though for the last 2 months.

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