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Whats the point?

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whats the point?
I go to school and am under so much pressure to succeed, to be the best, and that is made even harder by racial abuse that follows me around like a shadow...I go back home to relax, to get away from it all, but i cant as i am being watched. I cant be myself, the smallest mistake has massive ramifications and i feel like i am on some sick reality show where the sole purpose of my existence is to fulfill the audiences morbid pleasure. Whats the point? Tell me what i can look forward to? I could turn to my faith, but I dont have one...i figure that if there is some god out there then he has screwed up big time, or just enjoys my pain.
They say that your sanity is maintaned by your ability to get away from it all, but i cant. If the meaning of life is happiness, and i dont have any, then whats the point in living?
The answer is simple. There is no point. My only respite is death, and I fear that i may not be able to resist its call much longer.


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Welcome and so glad you posted. You say there is racial abuse at your school...has this been brought to the administration of the school? This should never be tolerated, and is not an environment in which to learn. Are there other students that are also experiencing this? also, who examines what you do with such a microscope, and what do s/he expects? Is there a way to talk to him/her about how you feel? No one can pass that type of test, as we are all so imperfect...welcome again, and please continue to post and let us know what is going on


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welcome to the club, the only thing that doesnt apply to me is racial abuse, other than that, this describes me perfectly. I'm a junior in high school, my dad puts way too much pressure on me, and life sucks. Glad you posted though, makes me feel better that someone feels the same way.
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