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whats the point

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Each day I get closer to ending it all .My earlier attempts failed but this time I've thought it through properly and I know my time has come


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I hope you can just take a bit more time.
Most of us here know what it's like to feel like we are at the end and even another minute is just too much.
I hope you will at least just take it minute by minute, day to day, not huge goals but please commit to stick around with us.
It's not a perfect plan but I don't want you to follow through with yours.

I see that you're angry, and I'm sorry that's how you feel. I imagine that life has handed you a disappointment or two. I, too, often feel let down by life, and by myself. Yet, realize this: that same anger about your current situation that you're feeling now can be a deep part of you fighting to reconcile these disappointments with the rest of your life. You just haven't figured out how to do it yet. Please, give yourself some time to let that part of you shine through and help you cope with all these things that seem to be piling up against you. Please.
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