Whats the Purpose of Getting Help For Suicide?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Righteous, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    I mean seriously, what is getting help going to do for u? U talk to some psychiatrist, he puts u in a mental home ( I believe thats what they call it ) U may take some drugs. U may have to go to some group sessions. U have to stay in a room which probably doesn't have a TV. U talk to a psychiatrist some more, take some more drugs and BOOM its back to reality. Its back to being unemployed, broke, lonely, having no friends, being in bad health. Once u get your mind out of that bright fantasy world that the mental place promises u, its back to the dark world we live in

    Oh and I'm not trying to depress anyone, I'm just being real and saying that getting professional help doesn't change your life situation
  2. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    For some it works but for others it doesnt. I'm sorry you're on the other side. I'm in the same place.

    I take meds and I've spent half of my life talking to therapists and all of this to be where I am now, alone, no friends, no job, no boyfriend...
  3. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Hey righteous.
    I know how you feel. I've been to the hospital 3 times in the past year and each time I thought that it might save me. Ultimately it is my choice.
    I think that initially getting help with what's going on is a good thing. After a while it comes down to choice though, and how you're going to deal with things. Nothing will help us feel better about our lives but us.
    But there is still hope. We support each other here and through these dark times we can still find a way.

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    well, the reality is,
    it does help some ppl. it helped me.
    where i was fior 9 days was, in a day room with tv. 3 squares aday, some activities during the day. time to talk with others about your situation. time to rest your mind. yes they gave me drugs, but the most important thing was ... they gave me referals to seek help. IF I CHOSE TO.

    its true you go back to reality. there are plenty of ppl that crying out for help and they dont know anyother way to do it.
    its like this forum .. it may not help everyone .. and it cant. but if it can help JUST ONE OR TWO then its worth it.

    state funded physc wards only allow them to stabalise us. depending on how your mind set is, they do what they are legally bound to do ... stablise you.
    the rest is up to you.
  5. iKayla

    iKayla Chat Buddy

    it does help some...
    but im in that boat too
    asking my self. what's the point,
    help didn't help
  6. ashes_away

    ashes_away Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately,that is probably what being in a mental hospital is like.They make it that way so only people who are seriously ill will be able to stand being there.The rest of us have to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps.Just make the decision..do you want to be in one of those horrible places or learn to appreciate life and be happy with what is yours in life?Suicide never works...you either die or end up in a bad place like you said...so what do you do?You move on..and make the best of it! :)
  7. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    Wow, u had a TV and got 3 meals a day. Was the food good? What kind of food did they have. Did they have cable and could u watch TV all night? Were u in a room by yourself or did u have a roommate. I'm just surprised the government would provide those luxuries
  8. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    That is, if there is a way to make the best of a situation. Some people can not make the best of being broke and starving everyday
  9. killaunloved

    killaunloved Member

    Maybe im reading it wrong but I dont like the comment left by righteous. It sounds sarcastic and im sure you will tell me that it is not at all. But Ive been inpatient before and the people inside told me that jail was more fun. Do not make it seem good because its hell. The only good things about those places is they are soooooooooooooooooo bad that no matter how bad your life is...for about 2 months you are happy just be out of those places.
  10. Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster Forum Buddy SF Supporter

    i kinda agree..
    maybe he/she tried to make a point but it kinda failed, its irrelevant..
  11. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    No I'm not being sarcastic, why would u think that? I'm just telling the truth that mental facilities can't change your life. And damn, u said that some people said jail was more fun. That just shows u how messed up a mental facility can be. All I'm saying is that this is one fucked up dark world we live in and there are no solutions to some of our problems in this world
  12. Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster Forum Buddy SF Supporter

    im just gonna give you all some love...

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    mental places cant change your life, YOU HAVE TO.
    physc. wards only stablelise you. if you choose to get help afterwards thats your choice.

    being broke and hungry ?
    theres ways to change that as well. it may take some effort which some ppl dont feel the need to apply.

    im not where i want to be right now, but im not going to sit around and wait for something to fall in my lap.

    i went from making 46 grad a year, for the last 8 years and now, i may make 13 thousand this year.
    its a matter of choice. i know where i want to be and i will get there.
    its gunna take some time. but i will get there because i choose to do so.

    theres always a soultion .... however, if you cant see it, it will probably never happen.
  14. ashes_away

    ashes_away Well-Known Member


    Makes me think about my own weaknesses.You see,If I could take that step forward and realize I have something to live for..I could be the HELP these people need..the ones who are starving..and alone..and broke.Maybe Id just do what the family in Brooklyn do..bring hot meals to men waiting in line for work every day..or..pouring soup in a soup line..or...washing the laundry at a homeless shelter so the hospital staff are not over worked.
    But..I have to get there..don't I?To that place where I am ready to BE that person.We all have to see what we COULD be and decide if it is worth it.

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    i think the hardest thing is taking the first step.

    many of us walk under a bar of security and because of our issues we are often afraid to raise the bar on our expectations. we then disallow ourselves any oppertunity to grow or take challenges.

    we fail to reach any goals we may have because we dont believe in ourself or we are afraid to step out of the boat that we float around in.

    i think many ppl just get upset because they were expecting more from the physc ward. i was. but depending on your situation, you can still choose to do follow up with the referals they give you to get help.

    there are plenty of ways to bail ones self out of being broke. it may take some effort but it can be done.
  16. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    The first time I attempted I ended up in the hospital and then the pward for 6 weeks. For those that havent been (atleast in Canada) jail is far worse. So please dont be scared off of the idea of seeking help from one. I remember telling myself then, ok, I'm willing to give it another go, make a real effort at changing the things that brought me here. Well many years later, several life altering decisions and guess what.... back further than I was before. And it hasnt only affected me but my children too. I've made the best only to have it repeatedly taken away or destroyed by another. Fair some people may think I should try harder. But after years of the same things and even worse things being cast my way, I'm just too tired. I've used up all my effort. I knew then and even now that I have to apply the effort. And i have to the point that I have none left. And yet even when I try to take a break, regroup and re-energize, it's still all there. Yes there is always a solution. Just a lot of people dont agree with the one I've found. Well I dare one of those people to look me in the eye and say you havent tried hard enough yet or you're never going to know unless you try. I'd like to say I'd kick them in the ass, but I'm too damn tired to waste the effort. So yeah ... whatever.
  17. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    I hate that u are feeling that way. I feel just like u, I try harder and harder and every time I get out of one bad situation, I'll have a time of happiness and then I end up in another bad situation. Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard u try, the world is just too messed up for some people to live in a better situation
  18. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    I take this view.

    I believe as many of you have read before and you can read more into, in the thread listed in my siggy, that suicidal ideation is a mental health issue.

    You see I firmly believe that you can not be 100% sane and kill yourself.

    I mean the will to live would overpower that.

    Now that doesnt mean you are crazy. What it means is that there is something, some mountain of a problem that is so vast that is facing you head on, that you can't seem to figure it out. And the more you think about it, the more you go "crazy" trying to figure it out, until such a point where your mind is sufficiently damaged so that suicide becomes the only "rational" option.

    It is precisely why it is imperative to seek help. Because at that one moment in time in your life when you have decided to end it, your mind is not thinking clearly. You may think it is, but it's not.

    I think of it like; If you had a broken leg, you would go to the hospital and get it treated. Once treated the easier it is to walk.

    So when you have a broken mind, therefore that should also get treated. Once treated the easier it is to think. And....bonus...while you are inpatient getting that treatment, you will be able to share what got you to that point, and the people helping you will help you find solutions to your (still existing) problem, that you never thought possible or could have imagined.

    If nothing else, when you emerge back into the world, you will be better armed to deal with them.

    At least that is what happened to me.

    That is the purpose of getting help. But that's just my humblest of opinions.
  19. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    Well the thing is, suicide is not always a plan just because someone has mental issues. Sometimes it is a plan so that poeple can avoid suffering. If someone feels that the suffering will never end in this life, they will just commit suicide and go to the next life ( assuming that u believe in an afterlife ) True enough a person can get there body injuries and sickness cured and treated, but its not that easy to cure an emotional problem. Such as if u have a stomach illness, u can simply take medicine for it and it will be cured; but if a man is suffering from emotional problems whether it be from loneliness or financial issues, the only way to cure that suffering is if that man gets some friends, a girlfriend, and a decent amount of money. Having group sessions that talk about looking at the bright side of life and talking about hope for a brighter future and taking drugs is not going to solve his problem
  20. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    But it may give him new insight in how to handle those problems. And that time in, will allow the brain to heal even if from emotional problems. My time in, didnt stop my divorce or my drinking problem, but it helped in a sense it added tools and aids to help me deal with them.
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