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Whats the purpose of going on?

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I am 22 and I cant grasp why I feel this way, to this extent. My mom is alcoholic and is always passing out on the couch, blaming me for nonsence. Parents are recently devorced, so I have no dad in my life. My so called love life after three years is more of a joke then anything, hence why it just ended. I have absolutly no motivation to go to college anymore. The only thing keeping me in my right mind Was smoking . I try drinking to kill the pain, I just simply cant drink enough. What is the purpose to go on.... im sure my own mom wouldnt even realize I was missing for at least three days. my only thought is to enjoy a xxxx. who would notice, my non existant friends, my drunkard mom....

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sounds like you need to get out of that toxic enviornment and talk to someone at your school. Talk to a councilor to get help to get you motivated to finish school. Don't give up on that okay because that will be your ticket out of the down hill spiral you feel your in. Talking to a school councilor now to get you back on right track okay hugs Your mom would notice and she would care she has her own problems and needs to look after herself though
YOU need to look after YOU okay hugs


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I agree with eclipse.. You need to find a way to get some independence. College can help some with that. but if you feel college isn't for you, you don't have to go. Or maybe you can take a break from school. Maybe you can find friends or groups if you search online for them. Meet some people who will have a good influence on you. And I agree with eclipse that you should talk to a school councilor, or someone you trust. I hope things get better for you! :hug: Also welcome to the forums.
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