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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by sociallyrejected93, May 13, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys, I took the advice and I am seeing a psychologist next week. I am so anxious and scared of hearing my thoughts out loud is that weird? How honest should I be, I just can't stop thinking how easy it would be to just end this now. Anxiety and depression are ruining my life and I just don't know what way to go
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    You be totally honest with your therapist it is the only way you can get the help you need to get well ok
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    I think you should be as honest as you can be so that you can get the most suitable help for your problems. Mental health illnesses are hard to treat because there is very little can be done to study the part of our body which is giving us this pain. So it relies a lot on what you say and how honest you are. If you are going to have trouble opening up when you see the psychologist, you can write down what you think are the most important things for them to know if you anxious or scared about saying them out loud. I do this and it helps me a lot to cover the main points of what I am going through. Also, you can ask about confidentiality rules the psychologist has if you are worried about what you can or cannot say.
  4. Hey guys thank you I've not been on here in a couple of days been stuck in isolation and fear. I was never honest when I was younger I had CBT and i think you are right. I am scared of my feelings and thoughts and mabye writing them down will help. I have a questionnaire to fill out too. Thank you
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    Try and be honest and remain calm, take deep breaths and if you get uncomfortable make sure they are aware of that, they are trained to make you feel comfortable. Write down all your thoughts, give it to the therapist and they will be able to help. I wish you all the luck in the world. Writing down thoughts helped me a lot.
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    It is the worst feeling sitting in front of someone new and talking about whats been happening in your life. You are letting them into a box other people don't really know exists about you. However, they are there to help and once you start talking it becomes easier. Once you go out the door from that session you will feel a bit of a weight being lifted because you have done it for that day, and by letting them in part of the way the next session will be easier. Just be open an honest with them. Good luck :)
  7. Thanks for your kind words I appreciate it. I'm gonna give this a go and see if my mood and anxiety lifts I need to do something
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