What's the weather like right now?

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Mr Stewart

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I think it's raining. *looks out window* Yes it's raining.

That's fine with me. Rain is a big improvement over the snow as recently as 2 weeks ago.


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sunny cloudy damp what they call overcast here in the UK. OverCast is a special word the Forecasters use for "We have absolutely no idea" or "it certainly wont be scrabble or UNO this week, we think errr or whatever like errr well like idfk"


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It's a really hot day here in Germany again! Feels like Julyyyy, I can't believe it's only May. = w=

I think I'll go out for some ice cream later~

Growing Pains

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Apparently, 75 degrees (F) and cloudy.

Not that I've been outside. I just have this thing on my desktop that updates the weather every hour or so.
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