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    This will be another post about one of my many problems.

    I haven't had a girlfriend since my ex-wife. (We married WAY to young, I was 19.) Thats a couple of years ago. I've had tons and tons of chances, but I end up acting like an idiot, not the stupid kind, but the kind of guy who just doesn't care. (Even though I do.)

    Confusing? You bet.

    Here's an example, there's a really cute red-headed girl at work, been flirting with her for a while, the other day she took the iniative and came over to me and asked how I was doing, I was playing it all cool, trying not to act nervous. Then she asks if I'd like to see a movie with her or something.

    This is where my idiocy comes in... My reply; "Movies? Nah, but thanks for asking." She looks as me in disbelief, knowing darn well I've been flirting with her and stuff, she just says oh, ok and moves along.

    WTF?! Why do I do this? Even when I try my HARDEST not to do it, I do it anyways.

    This is basically the story with the dozens and dozens of girls I've gotten close with in the last couple of years.

    Has anyone experienced this, done this?

    I don't know why I do this.