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What's up with me?

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A few months ago I started cutting out of my diet foods like crisps, chocolate, sweets, etc, on the basis of them being unhealthy, and replaced them with other foods, but since then, i have become obsessive over food and my weight.

I eat one meal a day and do not make concessions for snacks and instead drink water or juice to suppress my appetite. I'm generally fearful of eating anything for the reason of feeling if i eat an orange, soon I'll be eating chocolate, etc. My daily calorie intake struggles to exceed 1000 and I am male. I'm 5'11 154lbs and i see fat all over my body and want to lose 6lbs as a preliminary target.

Are other people like this or am I just weird?


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There is a thin line (pun intended) between ED and dieting, and please make sure you are eating what you need...a little amt of sweets is not bad for you...in fact, it is better than one meal a day...there are very healthy snacks which you might explore (e.g. nuts, popcorn, dried fruit, etc.) I find I am best on 5 small meals a day...I am 120 pounds, 5'7" ... so this works for me


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Whether or not you fit the criteria of a diagnosis, if it is becoming obsessive and beginning to interfere with your life and health, i don't think it is something to take lately. What you're describing sounds like a common road to an ED... You start by restricting some foods, then the list grows, portions get smaller, until eventually you can barely eat a cracker without feeling guilty.

I highly recommend seeing a nutritionist if possible. While the root of the problem is obviously psychological and talking to a shrink could be beneficial, it seems like you're at a point where meeting someone who specializes in this and could help you see where you could get results in a healthy way could be very beneficial before you spiral out of control.

Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk.
Good luck, stay strong.
Don't cut off meals from your routine in fact cut off some quantity of food and eat three times but in less quantity because reducing of diet is more better than to leave diet.
I agree with Simons that you should not skip any meal because food is important for health. You can decrease the quantity of food and eating three times in a day will be good for health.
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