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whats ur favorite movie?

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by suicide_kid89, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. didnt no if some one started this already are not. if so sorry, but if not tell whats ur favorite movie and why.

    mine is IF ONLY, cause you never now when your time is up and that you should use the time you have to be with family and friends.
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  2. clueless

    clueless Member

    I'm not sure if I have one favourite movie, but I love American Beauty. I think Kevin Spacey is fantastic in it and it is really original. I just watched Thirteen the other night, it is so dark. It really is a fantastic film... it def needs a trig warning though!
  3. I like all the Star Wars movies
  4. Luliby

    Luliby Staff Alumni

    Recently? Ice Age 2. Check it out!
  5. Style

    Style Well-Known Member

    9 songs. So accurate in its portrayal of love and relationships.
  6. BrokenPieces

    BrokenPieces Well-Known Member

    my favourtie movie is

    10 things I hate about you...

    great movie...but its an old movie...

  7. Superdead

    Superdead Guest

    I like american Beauty, A beautiful mind, thank you for smoking, jerry macquire, the good girl, donnie darkop, chicago, the cell, fight club, schindlers list.These movies would round out my top ten
    My favorite movie is Monster.-This was amazingly well done. Its the one where cristi ricci plays a confused lesbian. And charlize theron plays a monster.
  8. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    My favorire newer movie is Girl Interrupted. It's more in "my" world, so to speak. And I like Beaches, Erin Brocovich, Borderline, Plain Truth, Bless The Child, Hife And Seek, Rebecca, Pillow Talk, That touch of mink, Arsenic And An Old lace, Windixie :unsure: ... Harry Potter Movies, Shrek, this new once based on a true event... aboiut the white plague...
  9. AuronT

    AuronT Well-Known Member

    Have to agree that Erin Brokovich is a good movie but my fave has to be Resident Evil: Apocalypse, I love all kinds of movies though but this one is just so good with the ultimate cutie; Milla Jovovich and her ultimate moves to kill the zombies ^^
  10. BlackPegasus

    BlackPegasus Well-Known Member

    Harry Potter movies ofcourse, any good horse movie (I have well over 100 horse movies in my collection), and sometimes I'm in the moods for Pirates, Star Trek, or Star Wars.

  11. Wonderstuff

    Wonderstuff Staff Alumni

    10 Things I Hate About You! I love that movie :biggrin:
    I think my favourites would have to be it, Camp, Just Like Heaven and Sweet Home Alabama. I'm a big fan of Reese Witherspoon, randomly :laugh:
  12. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    the good old titanic
  13. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

    Bram Stoker's Dracula

    Wynona :shy:
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