What's wrong with me then?

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by SkyHigh, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. SkyHigh

    SkyHigh Guest

    Went to see the doc today because I can't breath properly (SOB, shortness of breath) and I get chest pains if I try to breath deeply or if I'm resting or if I make the tiniest bit of movement. She said she didn't hear anything suspicious after listening to my breathing, but from my symptoms she said she probably already knew what was wrong with me. She told me I have an inflamed lung caused by a virus. She told my mum to buy me ibuprofen after saying it's a viral infection. I remembered learning in my science lesson that viral infections can't be treated with antibiotics. Is ibuprofen not an antibiotic?

    She then quickly said "You have cardiovas...." something something, I didn't hear her because she said it so fast. Then after that she said "Most people would be shocked", I had a mellow expression when we walked in the room until we walked out.

    I also just read that ibuprofen causes depression. Can I get any more depressed than I already am?

    I'm also wondering if she saw the cuts on my wrists. I was trying to hide them as best as I could. She looked slightly suspicious and as if she wasn't telling me something.

    I've just been reading on the internet about what may cause such symptoms. All the causes seem life threating. Am I overreacting? :mellow:

    I haven't felt much emotion for a long time so I don't really know what she 'expected' me to react like.
  2. SkyHigh

    SkyHigh Guest

    I don't know if that makes any sense....
  3. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    hi skyhigh,

    yep, your post makes sense, but ibuprofen isn't an antibiotic. i don't know whether depression is a possible side-effect, but there are other side-effects that are detailed on the packaging. stomach ulcers are one, which is why they say you should take the pills with food.

    there's so much to take in when you are at the doctor's. you're tired, stressed, not feeling well. it's hard to catch everything that is talked about.

    why don't you call on the phone and ask him/her to go over what was discussed. write down what you want to ask beforehand so you can be sure to ask the right questions. like "i know you recommended ibuprofen but i wasn't sure what it was for" or "you mentioned cardiovascular something or other... but i don't know what that means..." it's your health and your right to be informed. your doctor won't mind you calling.

    now, as to the cuts on your wrist... are these new? or scars from an old attempt? or from self-injury, not an attempt? would you feel comfortable talking about your feelings with your doctor? this might be a good opportunity. if your doctor is any good, he/she can take it from there

    thinking of you,
  4. SkyHigh

    SkyHigh Guest

    I guess I can call. But I think I'll wait until the next visit, it's only 8 days from now. I may be able to talk to her......I don't know how though. :unsure:

    The cuts are self-injury, some are new and some are old, some of them are from after attempting and failing, and some aren't from attempting at all.

    Thanks for taking your time to reply.
  5. astella

    astella Well-Known Member

    I agree, I think this is a good opportunity to talk with your doctor. :)
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